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Porous Gel Dosing rate 10-30 Water Treatment Filler - 20-150 COD oxidation efficiency

Porous Gel Dosing rate 10-30 Water Treatment Filler - 20-150 COD oxidation efficiency

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Product Details
Water Treatment
Specific Surface Area:
≥380000 M/m³
Nitrification Efficiency:
Dosing Rate:
COD Oxidation Efficiency:
Porous Gel
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Product Description

Product Description:

Water Treatment Filler is a kind of filler applied to water treatment. Its shape is cubic, and its specific surface area is ≥380000 M/m³. The dosing rate of this filler is 10~30, which makes it suitable for water treatment. The COD oxidation efficiency of this filler can reach up to 20~150, making it a great choice for water purifying. It is an ideal filer for water treatment.

Porous Gel Dosing rate 10-30 Water Treatment Filler - 20-150 COD oxidation efficiency 0


  • Product Name: Water Treatment Filler
  • Application: Water Treatment
  • Dosing rate: 10~30
  • COD oxidation efficiency: 20~150
  • Shape: Cubic
  • Nitrification efficiency: 12~25
  • Specialty: Water Treatment Filter, Water Treatment Filter, Water Filtration Filler

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Application Water Treatment
Specific surface area ≥380000 M/m³
Material Porous Gel
Shape Cubic
Dosing rate 10~30
Nitrification efficiency 12~25
COD oxidation efficiency 20~150
Description Water Purifying Filler, Filler for Water Treatment, Water Purifying Filler with High Performance


DUBHE Water Treatment Filler: Professional Water Purifying Material

DUBHE is a professional water purifying filler which is designed for water treatment. It is made in China and has a specific surface area of more than 380000 m/m³. The dosing rate ranges from 10 to 30, and the COD oxidation efficiency is between 20-150 and the nitrification efficiency is 12-25.

DUBHE water purifying filler is a kind of water treatment material that can be used for filtering the water, and it is also a water purification material. It is ideal for water treatment projects, such as sewage treatment, industrial wastewater purification, and drinking water filter. It can effectively remove harmful elements from the water, such as heavy metals, and organic pollutants.

In addition, the water purifying filler can also increase the oxygen content in the water, which is beneficial to the growth of aquatic plants, and can create a healthy aquatic environment. Therefore, it is widely used in water treatment projects.


Support and Services:

Our Water Treatment Filler provides high-quality technical support and service. Our technical support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns related to our product. We also offer a number of solutions to common problems or issues, such as troubleshooting, diagnostics, and repair. Additionally, we provide regular maintenance and upgrades to ensure our product is working optimally. Furthermore, our customer service team is available to provide personalized assistance and support with any product purchase or usage.



  • Q: What is the Brand Name of Water Treatment Filler?
    A: The Brand Name of Water Treatment Filler is DUBHE.

  • Q: Where is the Place of Origin of Water Treatment Filler?
    A: The Place of Origin of Water Treatment Filler is China.

  • Q: What is the application of Water Treatment Filler?
    A: The Water Treatment Filler is used for industrial cooling water treatment.

  • Q: What are the advantages of Water Treatment Filler?
    A: The Water Treatment Filler has advantages of high-efficiency, low resistance, large air volume and long service life.

  • Q: What is the size of Water Treatment Filler?
    A: The size of Water Treatment Filler can be customized according to customer requirements.

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