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Air flotation machine application cases


Latest company news about Air flotation machine application cases

Air flotation work and system principle.
Air flotation separation is the air and water under certain pressure and conditions, so that the gas is dissolved into the water to a great extent, and strive to be in a saturated state, and then the formation of pressure dissolved gas water through a special device to release the pressure, the rapid production of a large number of micro-bubbles, and the water is the floating material (after the addition of flocs) in full contact with the purple particles of the "net catch", "wrapping", "bridging" effect, bubbles and is the floating material to form a stable entrained gas floc, the density of which is less than that of the water. In the purple particles of the "net catch", "wrapping", "bridge" role, the bubbles and is floating to form a stable air-filled floc, its density is less than water, so the air-filled cai body quickly rose to the surface, is floating in the liquid surface agglomeration of slag, slag scraping, removal that is, to achieve the separation of solid-liquid The purpose of solid-liquid separation. The effect of solid-liquid separation depends mainly on the following three aspects.
1, the characteristics of floc formation after dosing in the water body is hydrophilic or hydrophobic (appropriate dosing). 2, the mixing reaction, to ensure that there are enough micro-bubbles in time to fully contact with flocs
3, separation reaction, solid, gas, liquid mixture should have appropriate residence time and smooth flow pattern, so that the "entrapped flocs" float to the liquid surface, forming scum. Control of liquid flow is one of the keys to the separation effect.

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Industry:Workshop cleaning wastewater

Project Name:Toyota Motor

Capacity: 3m3/h

Product Name: Standard air flotation DAF

Case Introduction: Toyota Machinery Workshop Cleaning Wastewater Treatment

Toyota Motor Corporation (TOYOTA) is one of the world's top ten automobile industry companies, and has become one of the world's top automobile manufacturers. Toyota Motor Corporation (TOYOTA) is one of the world's top ten automobile companies and has become one of the top automobile manufacturers in the world. Its brands mainly include Lexus, main field and other series of high, medium and low-end models. Characteristics of workshop cleaning wastewater: Containing oil, organic matter, surfactants, cleaning agents and other difficult to degrade substances, as well as residual metal ions on the equipment, sediment and other solid particles and other fine residues, polluting rivers and lakes, and destroying the natural ecological environment.

In this project, with the use of our standard sedimentation type air flotation to sedimentation and separation of sediment and other large particles, while the suspended matter and other further enhancement of the treatment to improve the hydraulic load, to achieve efficient solid-liquid separation.

Air flotation effect diagram

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Sector: Slaughtering Wastewater

Project Name: Laoduo Chicken Fast Food

Capacity: 20m3/h

Product Name: Standard air flotation-DAF

Case Introduction: Laoxiang Chicken Slaughtering Wastewater Treatment Case

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Laoshiang Chicken, the largest fast food chain in Anhui Province, has a signature dish - "Feixi Old Mother Hen Soup". Laoxiang Chicken is a catering industry featuring breeding ten chickens, and the main components of the catering wastewater are leftover food and water, with starch, food fiber, animal fats and other organic matter as the main components, which are characterized by high nutrients, high water content, high oil and salt content, and easy to decay and fermentation and odor.

Laoxiang chicken attaches great importance to environmental protection, to realize green production, our company suggests the use of standard air flotation design to solve a large number of breeding, catering wastewater, in addition to a large number of suspended solids in food wastewater SS and oil and grease, to ensure that the latter part of the depth of the treatment system for the stable operation of the discharge of the standard!

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