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Applications for aeration disc products


Latest company news about Applications for aeration disc products
Sewage treatment: Aeration discs are widely used in sewage treatment plants for primary, secondary and advanced treatment of wastewater. In the sewage treatment process, the aeration pan increases the oxygen supply by spraying air into the wastewater, thereby promoting the activity of microorganisms and the degradation of organic substances in the wastewater. In addition, the aeration disc can also help to mix the suspended matter in the wastewater, making it easier for microorganisms to come into contact with it.
Oxygenation of water bodies: Aeration discs can also be used for oxygenation treatment of water bodies such as lakes, reservoirs and fish ponds. By spraying air into the water body, the aeration disc can increase the oxygen content in the water, improve the dissolved oxygen level of the water body, and thus improve the ecological environment of the water body. This is important for maintaining the survival and reproduction of fish and other aquatic organisms.

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