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FRP / PP Suspended Particles Lamella Tube Settler 1000×1000×866 Molding Size

FRP / PP Suspended Particles Lamella Tube Settler 1000×1000×866 Molding Size

Industrial Sewage Treatment Lamella Settler

PP Industrial Lamella Tube Settler

Suspended Particles Lamella Tube Settler

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Sewage Treatment/Industrial Wastewater Treatment
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Product Description

Product Description:

The Lamella Tube Settler is a high-end sedimentation device designed for efficient treatment of various types of wastewater, from industrial wastewater to sewage. Its unique design and features make it the ideal choice for settling of suspended particles within a sedimentation tank. The unit is constructed from high-grade FRP or PP materials and has a molding size of 1000×1000×866. Its installation angle of 60° makes it perfect for any type of wastewater treatment system. The specific gravity of 0.92 allows it to effectively separate suspended particles from wastewater, making it an effective and reliable solution for sewage treatment and industrial wastewater treatment. This Lamella Settling Device has a long service life and can be easily installed in any sedimentation tank, making it an ideal choice for a Lamella Tube Clarification Unit or Lamella Tube Settling System.

FRP / PP Suspended Particles Lamella Tube Settler 1000×1000×866 Molding Size 0


  • Product Name: Lamella Tube Settler
  • Color: White
  • Molding size: 1000×1000×866
  • Application: Sewage Treatment/Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Specific gravity : 0.92
  • Material: FRP/PP

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Application Sewage Treatment/Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Installation angle 60°
Molding size 1000×1000×866
Specific gravity 0.92
Material FRP/PP
Color White
Product name Lamella Tube Settling System, Lamella Settling Device, Lamella Plate Settler
FRP / PP Suspended Particles Lamella Tube Settler 1000×1000×866 Molding Size 1


The Lamella Tube Settling System is a highly efficient and reliable clarification unit manufactured by DUBHE for industrial wastewater treatment and sewage treatment. As a reliable solution for removing suspended solids from wastewater, this Lamella Tube Settling System is made of premium FRP/PP material with a specific gravity of 0.92 and a molding size of 1000×1000×866. The installation angle of this Lamella Tube Clarification Unit is 60°, making it an ideal choice for wastewater treatment. This Lamella Tube Settling System from DUBHE is a great choice for wastewater treatment, as it can effectively and efficiently remove suspended solids from wastewater.


Support and Services:

Lamella Tube Settler provides technical support and services to ensure the proper operation and maintenance of the product. Technical support is available 24/7 through telephone, email, and online chat. Our experienced customer service representatives are available to answer questions, provide guidance on product installation and usage, and respond to any customer inquiries.

In addition to technical support, we offer maintenance and servicing services. Our technicians can inspect and tune the product to ensure its optimal performance. We also provide spare parts replacement as well as regular maintenance and cleaning services to keep the product running smoothly.

Lastly, our team is available for on-site visits in order to provide customers with personalized support and technical assistance. This includes troubleshooting any issues, providing product demonstrations, and offering advice and guidance on product installation and usage.



Q1: What is Lamella Tube Settler?
A1:Lamella Tube Settler is a type of water and wastewater treatment equipment produced by DUBHE, a leading manufacturer in China. It is effective for clarifying and purifying various industrial and domestic wastewater. Q2: What are the benefits of using Lamella Tube Settler?
A2:Using Lamella Tube Settler can reduce the size and cost of the treatment facility, reduce the amount of sludge produced, and improve the clarity of the treated water. Q3: What is the installation process of Lamella Tube Settler?
A3:The installation of Lamella Tube Settler is relatively simple and can be done with some basic tools. First, the inlet and outlet pipelines should be connected to the equipment, then the tube settler should be placed into the basin and secured in place. After that, the water is ready to be treated. Q4: What types of wastewater can Lamella Tube Settler treat?
A4:Lamella Tube Settler is designed to treat a variety of wastewater, including domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater, and even wastewater generated from food and beverage processing. Q5: What is the warranty for Lamella Tube Settler?
A5:DUBHE provides a one-year guarantee for all Lamella Tube Settler products. If any product fails to meet the quality standards, customers can contact DUBHE for a free repair or replacement.

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