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Stainless Steel DAF2 Air Flotation Machine For Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Stainless Steel DAF2 Air Flotation Machine For Industrial Wastewater Treatment

DAF Dissolved Air Flotation System

Stainless Steel Air Flotation Machine

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Air Flotation Machine

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Product Details
Air Flotation Machine
Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Treatment Capacity:
10~150 M3/h
Dissolved Air Pump:
1.5~18.5 Kw
Stainless Steel
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Product Description

Air flotation work and system principle.

Sedimentation occurs during the flotation process, which is particularly serious in the wastewater pre-treatment section, and a large amount of sediment affects the quality of the effluent and the stability of the operation DAF2 air flotation machine can effectively eliminate sediment to ensure the stable operation of the flotation process.

Features and Advantages.

The upgraded version of the standard air flotation has higher operational stability and reliability.

High hydraulic load: 4~8m3 /(m2 .h)

Allowable influent floatation concentration up to ~4000mg/l.

Automatic discharge of floating slag, with a weekly content of up to 30-100%.

The whole unit can be dismantled for easy transportation and installation The use of "W" type sludge collecting hopper Side closed scraping system ensures the safety of operation and operation.

Apply to the water quality with obvious sedimentation phenomenon.

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Air flotation Machine applicable to industry fields.

1, industrial wastewater pretreatment: food processing, pharmaceuticals, textile printing and dyeing, semiconductors, machinery, steel, chemical industry, aquaculture and other industries wastewater

2, sewage treatment plant: sewage pretreatment, upgrading, phosphorus removal

3,Water treatment plant: algae removal

4,Ecology: river, lake purification, landscape water treatment

5,Desalination project


Features and advantages.

Overall complete set, compact structure, cost-effective market retention, high maturity, stable performance, reliable operation

Hydraulic load: 4~6m3/(m2.h)

The allowable concentration of floating matter can be up to 3000mg/L.

Floaters can realize automatic skimming, the solid content can be as high as 30~100g/L applied to solid flocs density is generally lighter than water or close to water, precipitation phenomenon is weak water quality.



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The case of treatment of nonwoven textile wastewater in Nopont

Industry: Textile Wastewater

Project Name: Nuobang Nonwovens

Capacity: 120m3/h

Product Name: Shallow air flotation SAF

Case Introduction: Textile wastewater treatment case of Nopond Nonwoven Fabrics

Nopont Nonwovens is one of the leading companies in the global hydroentangled nonwoven fabric industry with the world's original new hydroentangled fabrics, which are used in various industries.

In the production of nonwoven fabrics at the same time produces a large number of textile wastewater, which is characterized by: water quality COD, BOD content is high, resulting in deep and variable chromaticity, containing a large number of textile fiber impurities, sand-like substances, grease, inorganic salts, as well as a variety of additives added in the processing process, the acid and alkali PH is unstable, the organic content is high, is recognized as one of the most difficult to deal with the industrial wastewater.

My company designed the shallow air flotation filtration of textile wastewater in the suspended solids and can be directly settled impurities, regulating the quality of wastewater and water, shallow air flotation cost-effective, has short hydraulic retention time, the base load is small, just to deal with large amounts of textile wastewater.

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