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Buried Integrated Domestic Wastewater Treatment Equipment 5-300m3/d

Buried Integrated Domestic Wastewater Treatment Equipment 5-300m3/d

Domestic Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Buried Integrated Wastewater Treatment Equipment

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Integrated Domestic Wastewater Treatment Equipment
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Integrated domestic wastewater treatment equipment

Buried integrated domestic wastewater treatment equipment Our buried integrated domestic wastewater treatment equipment adopts international advanced biological treatment process, integrating the removal of BOD5, COD, and NH3-N in one, with stable and reliable technical performance, good treatment effect, investment savings, small footprint, easy maintenance and so on.


Features of buried integrated domestic sewage treatment equipment

1. It can be buried below the ground surface, and the ground surface above the equipment can be used as greening or other land, without the need to build a house and heating and heat preservation.

2. The secondary biological contact oxidation treatment process adopts push-flow biological contact oxidation, and its treatment effect is better than that of fully mixed or two-stage tandem fully mixed biological contact oxidation tank. And smaller than the activated sludge tank, strong adaptability to water quality, good shock load resistance, stable effluent water quality, will not produce sludge expansion.

The pool uses a new type of hydrogel biological filler, large surface area, microorganisms are easy to hang the film, the film, in the same organic load conditions, the removal rate of organic matter is high, can improve the oxygen in the air in the water solubility.

3. Biochemical tank using biological contact oxidation method, the volume load of the filler is relatively low, the microorganisms are in their own oxidation stage, the amount of sludge is small, only three months (90 days) or more than one discharge of sludge (pumping or dewatering into a sludge cake transported by manure trucks).

4. The buried integrated wastewater treatment equipment deodorization method in addition to the use of conventional overhead exhaust, with soil deodorization measures.

5. The whole equipment processing system is equipped with fully automatic electrical control system and equipment failure alarm system, safe and reliable operation, usually do not need specialized management, only timely maintenance and repair of equipment.


The use of buried integrated domestic wastewater treatment device

1. Capable of treating integrated wastewater of domestic system and its similar organic wastewater.

2. The complete set of device is simple in construction and easy in operation, all mechanical equipment is automated control, and all devices can be set below the ground surface.

3. Convenient management and maintenance, the equipment is equipped with fully automatic control system. Service life of more than 30 years


Scope of application of buried integrated domestic sewage treatment plant

1, Hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals.

2, Residential neighbourhoods, villages, towns.

3, Stations, airports, harbour terminals, ships.

4, factories, mines, troops, tourist spots, scenic spots.

5,All kinds of industrial organic wastewater similar to domestic sewage.


Buried Integrated Domestic Wastewater Treatment Equipment 5-300m3/d 0

Design principles


1, the implementation of relevant environmental regulations, to ensure that the water indicators meet the requirements of national and local water quality standards.

2, choose a more mature treatment process, system operation is simple, reliable, safe, easy to operate, and minimise operating costs and investment costs.

3, the choice of treatment process is short, feasibility, impact resistance, treatment effect is stable.

4, convenient operation and management, easy maintenance.

5, the construction site and land should give full consideration to the existing conditions of the user, according to the requirements of the plant, the designated location of the land, and should take into account the reasonable arrangement of the pipeline network.

6, the water treatment station should be free of secondary pollution, in order to reduce the impact on the surrounding living environment.


Technical characteristics

(1) It can efficiently carry out solid-liquid separation, separating the suspended substances, colloidal substances, and microbial flora lost from the biological unit in the wastewater from the purified water. The separation process is simple, covers a small area, and the effluent water is of good quality, which can be reused without three-stage treatment.

(2) The biomass in the biological treatment unit can be maintained at a high concentration, so that the volumetric load is greatly increased, and at the same time, the high efficiency of membrane separation, so that the hydraulic retention time of the treatment unit is greatly shortened, and the footprint of the bioreactor is reduced accordingly.


(3) Preventing the loss of various microflora and facilitating the growth of slow-growing bacteria (nitrifying bacteria, etc.), thus enabling various metabolic processes in the system to proceed smoothly.

(4) It makes the residence time of some macromolecules difficult to be degraded become longer, which is conducive to their decomposition.

Membrane treatment technology and other filtration and separation technology, in the long-term operation process, the membrane as a filtration medium clogging, membrane through the amount of water running time and gradually decline in effective backwashing and chemical cleaning can slow down the decline in the membrane flux to maintain the effective service life of the MBR system.

5) MBR technology is applied in municipal wastewater treatment, due to its simple process, convenient operation, and fully automatic operation and management, it has been successfully applied in Shanghai wastewater treatment project.


Composition of equipment


1,Grid:grid is set in the direction of water inlet of regulating pool, which is used to block the tiny floating and suspended particles in sewage, so as to avoid the impeller of pump from being blocked by debris, which will cause the motor to burn out, and this is the pre-treatment stage.

2, anoxic tank: anoxic for denitrification treatment and set up, after the separation of sewage through the grille pump up to the anoxic tank and contact pool with the reflux of nitrifying liquid mixed in the tank, anoxic tank placed in the filler as denitrifying bacteria carrier, filler nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfide removal effect is good, the retention time of 2 hours. Combined with the sludge tank in the previous process, it forms A/0 treatment process, so as to achieve the purpose of dephosphorization and denitrogenation.

3, biological contact oxidation pool: time 6 hours, the use of three-dimensional elastic filler, the filler specific surface area, processing load of 14kgBOD/m3.d is generally 5-10 times the filler, biochemical pool using microporous aeration disk aeration, the sewage is constantly circulating in the biochemical pool, fully in contact with the filler biofilm, to achieve the effect of rapid degradation of organic matter.

4, two sinks: after biochemical sewage into the two sinks, two sinks design surface load 0.9-1.2m3/m2.d two sinks for the lifting adjustable level, tooth-shaped collection tank, the tank collection of water uniform precipitation effect is better, the two sinks of the sludge air lifting to the sludge pool

6. Disinfection pool: made according to the national standard TJ14-74, the retention time of the disinfection pool is 30 minutes, and the disinfectant adopts solid chlorine pills, which is usually added once a week.

7. Sludge tank: the dirt intercepted by the grille and the sludge of the second sedimentation tank enter the sludge tank, which is equipped with sludge nitrification system, and the supernatant of the sludge tank flows back to the regulating tank.

8, fan room, automatic control cabinet: fan room is set up separately, equipped with fans and control cabinets, and the air ducts out of the fan room and the air ducts into the equipment are connected, and the distance is not more than 15 meters.


Practical significance of adopting dual-membrane water reuse technology


1) The dual-membrane water reuse process for printing and dyeing wastewater can realize the recycling of water resources and reduce the amount of discharge.

2) As a kind of clean production process, membrane separation technology separates or retains different substances in the operation process, and the membrane separation process is a purely physical process without phase change or chemical reaction, which realizes the recycling of water resources and clean production without the generation of secondary pollutants.

(3) Membrane separation equipment occupies a very small area, high degree of automation, easy operation and maintenance.

(4) The high efficiency of membrane separation (retention rate of more than 99%), to ensure the efficient recovery of water resources.

(5) Membrane recycling equipment is in line with the circular economy mode of operation, enterprises in the energy saving and consumption reduction at the same time can realize the economic, environmental and social benefits of the harmonious unity of the three, to provide a strong guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprises.

Due to COD removal, decolorization, desalination can be completed in one step, the effluent quality is high, and can be directly reused in printing and dyeing while the concentrated water can be refluxed back to the conventional process, realizing zero wastewater discharge and clean production.

The key of water recycling technology is to utilize double membrane technology which is the mainstream process of membrane wastewater reuse process, mainly including pre-filtration equipment + ultrafiltration membrane equipment + reverse osmosis membrane equipment process. The pre-filtration equipment mainly adopts self-cleaning filter or multi-media filter, which mainly removes part of suspended solids and colloids to ensure the normal operation of ultrafiltration equipment.

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