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Efficient Stainless Steel Rotary Drum Screen For Municipal And Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Efficient Stainless Steel Rotary Drum Screen For Municipal And Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Stainless Steel Rotary Drum Screen

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Rotary Drum Screen

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Rotary Drum Screen

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Product Details
Screen Function:
Solid-Liquid Separation
Screen Material:
Stainless Steel
Screen Opening:
0.25mm - 3mm
Screen Advantages:
High Efficiency, Low Maintenance, Easy Operation
Screen Application:
Municipal And Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Screen Size:
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Product Description

Product Description:

The Internal Rotary Drum Screen is an advanced solution designed for the screening needs within municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. This innovative piece of equipment is engineered to provide a high-efficiency screening process, effectively separating solids from liquids in a variety of demanding applications. The robust construction features a screen made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance under challenging conditions.

One of the critical attributes of our Internal Rotary Drum Screen is its exceptional screen opening range, which spans from 0.25mm to 3mm. This versatility allows the screen to handle a wide array of waste streams, ensuring fine particulates are captured with precision, while larger unwanted solids are effectively removed from the flow. The precision-engineered openings guarantee that the desired throughput and separation efficiency are consistently achieved.

The screen material is another cornerstone of the product's reliability. Constructed from stainless steel, the Rotary Internal Cylinder Screen is resistant to corrosion and wear, which are common challenges in wastewater environments. This choice of material not only extends the lifespan of the screen but also maintains its integrity and separation accuracy over time. The stainless steel construction is ideal for both municipal and industrial settings, where durability and hygiene are paramount.

Adapting to the diverse needs of wastewater treatment applications, the Internal Rotary Drum Screen is designed with customization in mind. Clients can tailor the screen size to suit their specific requirements, ensuring optimal fit and performance within their existing systems. Whether it's a compact unit for a small-scale operation or a larger installation for high-capacity processing, our screens can be customized to meet the exact demands of any facility.

The Rotating Internal Drum Screen boasts several advantages that make it a standout choice for wastewater treatment. High efficiency is at the forefront, with the screen's design ensuring maximum removal of solids to minimize the burden on downstream processes. The internal rotary mechanism is engineered to maintain consistent flow and prevent clogging, which is a common issue in static screening systems. This dynamic screening action keeps maintenance to a minimum, reducing downtime and associated costs.

In addition to its high efficiency, the Rotary Internal Cylinder Screen is celebrated for its low maintenance requirements. The internal rotary design is less prone to blockages and buildup, which translates to less frequent cleaning and service interventions. When maintenance is required, the screen's design simplifies the process, allowing for easy access and straightforward servicing. This ease of maintenance not only saves time but also reduces the overall operational costs.

Ease of operation is another key advantage of the Internal Rotary Drum Screen. The system is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and automation options that streamline the screening process. Operators can easily adjust the screen to accommodate changes in the waste stream or to meet varying processing demands. The automated features of the screen ensure consistent performance without the need for constant oversight, allowing staff to focus on other critical tasks within the treatment facility.

In conclusion, the Internal Rotary Drum Screen is an exceptional choice for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment operations, combining high efficiency, low maintenance, and easy operation in a customizable and robust package. Its stainless steel construction and flexible screen opening range allow it to tackle a wide variety of waste streams with unmatched reliability. Clients looking for a rotating internal drum screen that delivers consistent performance and long-term cost savings will find this product to be an invaluable addition to their wastewater treatment infrastructure.



Sewage enters into the drum from the end of the drum, and flows out through the grating slit on the side of the drum, the grating traps the suspended matter, floating matter, etc. in the water in the drum, which rotates at a speed of 4-6r/min, and there are nylon brushes and washing nozzles on the top of the drum, which make the grating dregs clear and are sent to the upper end of the hopper and then transported after being squeezed and dewatered by the screw conveyor. Spiral drum grating machine is widely used in the pre-treatment of urban domestic sewage.

Efficient Stainless Steel Rotary Drum Screen For Municipal And Industrial Wastewater Treatment 0

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Description
Screen Application Municipal And Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Screen Material Stainless Steel
Screen Function Solid-Liquid Separation
Screen Advantages High Efficiency, Low Maintenance, Easy Operation
Screen Opening 0.25mm - 3mm
Screen Size Customizable


The DUBHE Internal Rotary Drum Screen (Model Number: IRDS), originating from China, is a stellar example of advanced screening technology designed for solid-liquid separation. This equipment is particularly suitable for application in both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment scenarios, addressing the need for efficient waste management and environmental protection.

The IRDS model boasts a high-efficiency screening process, which is crucial in large-scale wastewater treatment plants where the volume of effluent requires rapid and effective processing. The customizable screen size, with openings ranging from 0.25mm to 3mm, allows for tailored solutions depending on the specific requirements of the treatment facility. This adaptability ensures that the IRDS model caters to various application occasions, from compact municipal settings to expansive industrial operations.

One of the primary advantages of the DUBHE IRDS is its low maintenance design. Facilities that deploy the Internal Rotary Drum Sieve benefit from reduced downtime and lower operational costs, as the screen is engineered to withstand the rigors of continuous use without the need for frequent servicing. This aspect is particularly appealing to operators who require reliable equipment that maintains consistent performance over time.

Furthermore, the ease of operation associated with the Rotary Internal Cylinder Screen is a key factor in its widespread application. Operators can manage the system with minimal training, and the straightforward mechanisms ensure that the screening process is not only efficient but also user-friendly. This ease of use is a significant benefit during occasions when swift action is necessary, such as during peak flow periods in wastewater treatment facilities.

Scenarios where the Rotary Internal Cylinder Screen from DUBHE is particularly effective include high-demand industrial applications where waste streams contain a significant amount of solids. The IRDS model efficiently separates these solids from the liquid, allowing for the reclaimed water to be either discharged or further treated for reuse. Similarly, in municipal contexts, the IRDS is instrumental in the preliminary treatment stages, where it serves to protect downstream processes from excessive wear and tear due to solid waste.

In conclusion, the DUBHE IRDS is an essential component in modern wastewater treatment, offering a combination of high efficiency, low maintenance, and easy operation. Its versatility in screen size and opening allows for custom solutions, making the Internal Rotary Drum Sieve an ideal choice for a wide range of wastewater treatment scenarios.



Brand Name: DUBHE

Model Number: IRDS

Place of Origin: China

Screen Function: Solid-Liquid Separation

Screen Size: Customizable to meet your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance for your unique application.

Screen Material: High-quality Stainless Steel, providing durability and resistance to corrosion.

Screen Opening: Precision openings ranging from 0.25mm to 3mm, designed to meet the demands of Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment.

Screen Application: Engineered for efficient processing in Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment plants, the DUBHE IRDS is an exemplary solution for those in need of a Drum Inside Rotary Sieve, Rotating Internal Drum Screen, or an Internal Rotary Drum Sieve.


Packing and Shipping:

The Internal Rotary Drum Screen will be packaged securely in a robust, wooden crate designed to protect the item during transportation. The crate will be internally padded with shock-absorbent materials to prevent any movement that could result in damage to the screen. All the components of the drum screen will be wrapped in corrosion-resistant plastic to safeguard against moisture and dust.

For shipping, the packaged Internal Rotary Drum Screen will be placed on a pallet to facilitate easy handling and movement. It will be secured with industrial-grade strapping to ensure stability. The package will be clearly labeled with handling instructions, the product name, model number, and a fragile icon to encourage careful handling. A detailed packing list will be attached to the outside of the crate, providing information about the contents for the convenience of customs and the receiving party.

Before dispatch, the crate will undergo a final inspection to guarantee compliance with all shipping regulations. The Internal Rotary Drum Screen will be shipped via a reliable freight service with a track record of handling industrial equipment, to ensure timely and safe delivery to the destination.

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