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Efficient 3500-8000 Hole EPDM Disc Diffuser 2mm Membrane for Wastewater Treatment

Efficient 3500-8000 Hole EPDM Disc Diffuser 2mm Membrane for Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment EPDM Disc Diffuser

2mm Membrane EPDM Disc Diffuser

8000 Hole EPDM Disc Diffuser

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Product Description:

1. Aeration system composition: the pool aerator system consists of disc-type microporous silicone rubber aerator, special rubber sealing adapter, air supply branch pipe, air distribution pipe, DN20 drainage pipe system and pipe adjustable height support frame (stainless steel) and other components.

2. Silicone rubber diaphragm air distribution performance: to ensure that the airflow is uniformly distributed over its entire surface, the number of holes in the silicone rubber diaphragm and the size of the hole diameter is fully in line with the requirements of oxygenation performance.

3. Aerator appearance: microporous silicone rubber membrane appearance smooth, flat, no impurities, no bubbles and cracks.

4. Interchangeability: The aerator is generally connected by R3/4" external threads, which is a universal interface with good interchangeability.

Efficient 3500-8000 Hole EPDM Disc Diffuser 2mm Membrane for Wastewater Treatment 0


  • Product Name: Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser
  • Material: EPDM
  • Air Consumption: 0.2-0.6m3/min
  • SOTE(%): 22-59
  • Hole Quantity: 3500~8000
  • Shape: Disc

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
SOTE(%) 22-59
Air Consumption 0.2-0.6m 3 /min
Shape Disc
Hole quantity 3500~8000
Membrane thickness 2mm
Material EPDM


The DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser , model number DUDS, is an advanced wastewater treatment component designed for a variety of applications. Manufactured in China from high-quality EPDM material, this diffuser is engineered to provide efficient aeration in wastewater treatment systems. With an air consumption rate of 0.2-0.6m3/min and equipped with 3500 to 8000 holes, it creates an abundance of fine bubbles, leading to a Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (SOTE) ranging from 22% to 59%.

One of the primary application scenarios for the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is in municipal wastewater treatment plants. Here, the disc diffuser is utilized in aeration tanks to enhance the biological treatment phase by introducing oxygen that is essential for the growth and activity of microorganisms, which break down organic pollutants. The fine bubble aeration process is highly efficient, resulting in energy savings and improved effluent quality.

Another key application for the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is in industrial wastewater treatment facilities. Industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and chemical manufacturing can leverage the high SOTE of the DUDS model to achieve stringent discharge standards while maintaining operational efficiency. The disc shape of the diffuser allows for a uniform distribution of bubbles, providing optimal contact between the wastewater and the microorganisms.

Aquaculture is an additional sector where the DUDS model finds its application. The fine bubbles produced help maintain adequate dissolved oxygen levels in the water, which is critical for the health and growth of fish and other aquatic species. The robust EPDM material ensures that the diffuser can withstand various aquatic environments, making it suitable for both freshwater and marine applications.

Furthermore, the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is also ideal for use in experimental and pilot-scale wastewater treatment systems. Research institutions and development projects can benefit from the precise control of aeration and the high oxygen transfer efficiency, facilitating the study and development of new wastewater treatment processes and technologies.

In summary, the versatility, durability, and efficiency of the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser make it an excellent choice for a wide range of aeration applications, from municipal and industrial wastewater treatment to aquaculture and research facilities. Its superior performance and reliability are assets in scenarios demanding high-quality aeration and oxygenation.



The DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is a premier solution for your aeration needs, featuring a blend of durability and high performance. With the model number DUDS , this product has been meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled efficiency in water treatment applications.

Originating from China , the Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser by DUBHE is constructed with high-quality EPDM material, ensuring a long service life and resistance to various wastewater environments. The membrane boasts a thickness of 2mm , designed to provide a consistent and fine bubble size.

The disc-shaped design of the Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is engineered for maximum oxygen transfer efficiency. It comes equipped with 3500 to 8000 precisely formed holes, allowing for an extensive coverage area and aeration capacity. The shape of the disc is optimized to prevent backflow and to ensure a uniform distribution of bubbles.

Our DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser offers an impressive Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (SOTE) ranging from 22-59% , depending on the operating conditions. This high SOTE percentage signifies the effectiveness of the diffuser in oxygenating the water, which is crucial for biological treatment processes.

Choose the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser for a reliable and effective aeration solution that stands out with its exceptional build quality and performance.


Packing and Shipping:

The Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is carefully packaged in high-quality, durable materials to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Each unit is individually wrapped in a protective film to prevent scratches and damage during transportation. The disc diffusers are then placed in a sturdy cardboard box with ample cushioning material to minimize movement and absorb any shocks that may occur during shipping. The packaging also includes a detailed instruction manual and any necessary accessories for installation.

For shipping, the boxed Fine Bubble Disc Diffusers are secured on a pallet, shrink-wrapped, and properly labeled with handling instructions and shipping information to facilitate safe transit. We utilize reliable shipping services with tracking capabilities to ensure that your order is delivered on time and in excellent condition. Upon dispatch, you will receive a shipping confirmation, including a tracking number to monitor the delivery status of your Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser.

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