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Efficient EPDM Diffuser with 3500-8000 Holes 0.2-0.6m3/min Air Consumption SOTE 22-59%

Efficient EPDM Diffuser with 3500-8000 Holes 0.2-0.6m3/min Air Consumption SOTE 22-59%

0.2-0.6m3/min EPDM Diffuser

3500-8000 Holes EPDM Diffuser

Air Consumption SOTE 22-59% EPDM Diffuser

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Product Description:

Variable microporous aerator is designed as a slightly convex arch-shaped surface, using ABS engineering plastics as the main body. Membrane with anti-adhesion surface of the special imported rubber (EPDM), made through special processing, membrane openings selected from Germany imported CNC knife openings to ensure the quality and accuracy of the hole. Aerator in the oxygenation aeration, the main disc surface design of the four air delivery groove, so that the incoming air through the check valve buffer directly to the aeration head after the centre to ensure that the diaphragm a one-time low resistance to open easily. The diaphragm adopts ribbed counter-locking mechanised assembly to ensure that the diaphragm will never fall off. When the air inlet, the micro-pores on the membrane expand and swell by themselves to ensure that the air passes through. When stopping aeration, the variable microporous membrane is closed, due to the variable microporous membrane expansion and contraction, to avoid the past aerator microporous blocking phenomenon.

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Efficient EPDM Diffuser with 3500-8000 Holes 0.2-0.6m3/min Air Consumption SOTE 22-59% 0


  • Product Name: Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser
  • Hole quantity: 3500~8000
  • Membrane thickness: 2mm
  • SOTE(%): 22-59
  • Material: EPDM
  • Air Consumption: 0.2-0.6m3/min

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Material EPDM
Hole quantity 3500~8000
Shape Disc
Membrane thickness 2mm
SOTE(%) 22-59
Air Consumption 0.2-0.6m3/min


The DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser, model number DUDS, is a high-performance aeration device with a wide range of applications. Originating from China, this diffuser is designed to provide efficient oxygen transfer in various water treatment scenarios. With its robust EPDM material composition and disc shape, it is an ideal solution for fine bubble aeration needs. The disc diffuser boasts an impressive air consumption rate of 0.2-0.6m3/min and a Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (SOTE) ranging from 22% to 59%. Additionally, it features a significant number of holes, ranging from 3500 to 8000, to ensure the production of fine bubbles for optimal oxygen diffusion.

One of the primary application occasions for the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is in municipal wastewater treatment plants. Here, the disc diffuser is employed in aeration basins where its fine bubbles enhance the biological treatment process by maximizing oxygen transfer to the wastewater. This increased efficiency can lead to lower energy costs and improved treatment outcomes. The Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser's high SOTE also makes it suitable for retrofitting older systems that require improved aeration performance.

Industrial wastewater facilities also benefit from the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser. Industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and chemical manufacturing often require stringent wastewater treatment processes. The DUDS model provides the necessary aeration to support the biodegradation of complex industrial waste compounds. Its durability and material quality ensure long-term operation, even in harsh industrial environments.

Aquaculture is another scenario where the Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is invaluable. Fish farms and aquaponic systems utilize the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser to maintain high levels of dissolved oxygen, which is crucial for the health and growth of aquatic life. The fine bubble technology ensures a gentle and uniform distribution of oxygen, avoiding any distress to fish or plants.

In addition, the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser can be applied in lake restoration and algal control scenarios. By increasing oxygen levels in the water, the diffuser can help restore natural balance and reduce the occurrence of harmful algal blooms. Its high hole quantity allows for a wide spread of fine bubbles, which is essential for treating larger bodies of water.

Finally, the Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is also used in experimental and pilot-scale applications. Research facilities often require precise and reliable aeration systems to conduct various environmental and biological studies. The DUBHE model DUDS offers the fine-tuned control needed for such exacting work.

In conclusion, the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is a versatile and efficient aeration solution that fulfills the requirements of numerous water treatment scenarios. Its superior design and material quality make it a preferred choice for professionals seeking to improve aeration in municipal, industrial, aquacultural, environmental restoration, and research applications.



Enhance your wastewater treatment systems with our premium Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser from the trusted brand DUBHE . Our model DUDS is expertly crafted in China and boasts a robust EPDM material construction. Experience unparalleled efficiency with our Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser's remarkable SOTE(%) range of 22-59 , ensuring optimal oxygen transfer rates in your applications.

Our Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is designed with durability in mind, featuring a membrane thickness of 2mm to withstand various operational demands. The disc-shaped design ensures a uniform distribution of fine bubbles, leading to increased oxygenation and improved process performance. Additionally, the diffuser is equipped with 3500 to 8000 holes , precisely engineered to create a consistent and fine bubble pattern for maximum aeration efficiency.

Trust in DUBHE to deliver a Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser that integrates seamlessly into your existing systems, offering a high-quality, reliable solution for your aeration needs. Embrace the excellence and innovation that our Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser brings to your water treatment facilities.


Packing and Shipping:

The Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser will be securely packaged in a durable, corrugated cardboard box, ensuring it remains intact during transit. The box will be filled with protective packing materials to prevent any movement and cushion the diffuser against impacts. The packaging will also be sealed with heavy-duty packing tape for additional security.

Each box will be clearly labeled with the product name, a fragile warning, and the necessary handling instructions to ensure careful transportation. The package will include a detailed packing list and any relevant documentation for the product, such as installation instructions or warranty information.

For shipping, the packaged Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser will be dispatched through a reliable courier service to provide timely and safe delivery. The tracking information will be provided to the customer as soon as the product is shipped, allowing for real-time monitoring of the shipment's progress until it reaches its destination.

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