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Efficient EPDM Disc Bubble Diffuser 2mm Membrane 3500-8000 Holes 0.2-0.6m3/min Air Consumption

Efficient EPDM Disc Bubble Diffuser 2mm Membrane 3500-8000 Holes 0.2-0.6m3/min Air Consumption

2mm Membrane EPDM Disc Bubble Diffuser

3500-8000 Holes EPDM Disc Bubble Diffuser

0.2-0.6m3/min EPDM Disc Bubble Diffuser

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Product Description:

The Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is a state-of-the-art aeration device designed to enhance the efficiency of wastewater treatment processes. This cutting-edge product is engineered to deliver a high oxygen transfer efficiency (OTE), with a Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (SOTE) ranging from 22% to an impressive 59%. The Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser stands out in the market for its ability to significantly improve the dissolution of oxygen into wastewater, thereby facilitating the biological degradation of pollutants and enhancing the overall treatment process.

One of the key attributes of the Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is its hole quantity which varies between 3,500 to 8,000. This wide range of hole quantities allows for greater customization based on the specific needs of the wastewater treatment facility. The diffuser's disc shape is optimally designed to maximize the surface area for bubble generation, ensuring a consistent and uniform distribution of fine bubbles throughout the treatment tank. The disc shape also contributes to the durability and stability of the diffuser, making it a reliable choice for long-term applications.

The Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is designed to operate efficiently with an air consumption rate that falls between 0.2 to 0.6 cubic meters per minute. This range allows for flexibility in adjusting the aeration intensity according to the load variations of the treatment plant. Such versatility ensures that the diffuser can maintain optimal performance while conserving energy, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for wastewater treatment facilities.

Another significant aspect of the Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is its membrane thickness which is set at a robust 2mm. This thickness is carefully chosen to strike a balance between flexibility and strength. The membrane is thick enough to resist wear and tear, thus extending the service life of the diffuser, yet it remains flexible enough to allow for the efficient generation of fine bubbles. The durable membrane ensures that the diffuser maintains its performance over time, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

Our Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is constructed with premium materials that are resistant to corrosion and biological fouling. This resistance is crucial for components that are constantly exposed to the harsh conditions of wastewater. The Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is designed to withstand the test of time, providing continuous and reliable service in demanding wastewater treatment environments.

The Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is a product that reflects a harmonious blend of innovation, efficiency, and durability. It is an ideal solution for wastewater treatment plants looking to upgrade their aeration systems with advanced technology. The Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser not only meets but exceeds industry standards, delivering unmatched performance in oxygen transfer efficiency. By choosing our Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser, you are investing in a product that will yield substantial benefits in operational cost savings, treatment efficiency, and environmental compliance.

In conclusion, the Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser stands as a testament to superior design and engineering in the field of wastewater aeration. Its impressive SOTE range, customizable hole quantity, energy-efficient air consumption, and the resilient membrane make it the product of choice for modern wastewater treatment facilities. When you select the Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser for your aeration needs, you are opting for a product that promises excellence, sustainability, and a significant return on investment.

Efficient EPDM Disc Bubble Diffuser 2mm Membrane 3500-8000 Holes 0.2-0.6m3/min Air Consumption 0


  • Product Name: Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser
  • Membrane Thickness: 2mm
  • Material: EPDM
  • Shape: Disc
  • Air Consumption: 0.2-0.6m3/min
  • Hole Quantity: 3500~8000

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Membrane thickness 2mm
Hole quantity 3500~8000
Air Consumption 0.2-0.6m3/min
Material EPDM
SOTE(%) 22-59
Shape Disc


The DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser Model DUDS is a premium wastewater treatment solution designed to enhance aeration and oxygen transfer in various aquatic systems. Originating from China, this high-quality diffuser features a robust 2mm thick membrane and is integrated with an impressive 3500 to 8000 hole quantity for superior aeration performance. Its disc shape ensures an optimal interface between air and water, which is pivotal for efficient oxygen transfer. The DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser boasts a Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (SOTE) ranging from 22% to 59%, signifying its capability to effectively oxygenate water with fine bubbles that provide a larger surface area for oxygen exchange.

Constructed from durable EPDM material, the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is engineered to withstand the harsh conditions often found in wastewater treatment environments, ensuring long-lasting operation and minimal maintenance requirements. The disc diffuser is especially suitable for applications and scenarios such as municipal wastewater treatment plants, industrial effluent treatment facilities, and aquaculture systems, where reliable and efficient aeration is essential.

Users can take advantage of the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser in aeration tanks to optimize the biological treatment process by maintaining aerobic conditions, which are critical for the breakdown of organic pollutants by microorganisms. Furthermore, the disc diffuser is equally effective in aerobic digestion processes, where its fine bubble diffusion technology helps in reducing sludge volume and enhancing sludge quality.

The DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser's versatility also extends to its use in the aquaculture industry, where maintaining high levels of dissolved oxygen is necessary for the health and growth of aquatic life. The fine bubble technology of the DUBHE disc diffuser ensures a minimal rise in water temperature, which is often a concern with coarse bubble or surface aeration methods. This feature is particularly advantageous during the summer months or in climate-controlled aquaculture systems.

For environmental remediation scenarios, the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser proves to be an invaluable tool in the reoxygenation of lakes and rivers, combating eutrophication, and facilitating the natural self-purification processes of water bodies. The fine bubbles produced by the diffuser increase the contact time with water, thereby maximizing oxygen saturation and aiding in the restoration of aquatic ecosystems.

In summary, the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser Model DUDS is a versatile and efficient solution for a wide range of applications that require high-quality water aeration. Its thoughtful design and construction make it an ideal choice for enhancing the performance of wastewater treatment systems, aquaculture oxygenation, and environmental water management practices.



Brand Name: DUBHE

Model Number: DUDS

Place of Origin: China

Shape: Disc

Material: EPDM

Membrane Thickness: 2mm

Hole Quantity: 3500~8000

Air Consumption: 0.2-0.6m3/min

Our DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser, model DUDS, is a high-quality aeration system crafted in China. It's designed in a disc shape using durable EPDM material, with a membrane thickness of 2mm to ensure longevity and efficient operation. It features a substantial number of holes, ranging from 3500 to 8000, to produce a fine bubble aeration effect, which is essential for wastewater treatment processes. The Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser ensures optimal oxygen transfer with an air consumption rate of 0.2-0.6m3/min, making it an excellent choice for various aeration needs.


Packing and Shipping:

The Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser will be securely packaged in high-quality, durable materials to ensure the product's protection during transit. The packaging is designed to withstand the rigors of shipping, preventing any damage or deformation to the diffuser.

Each Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is individually wrapped and cushioned inside a strong, corrugated cardboard box that is sized appropriately to minimize movement. The box will also be sealed with heavy-duty adhesive tape and clearly labeled with the product name, handling instructions, and any necessary warning labels.

Before shipping, the packaged Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser will be placed on a pallet if required, and securely strapped down to prevent any shifting. The palletized goods will be shrink-wrapped to provide an additional layer of protection against dust, moisture, and other environmental elements during transportation.

We use reliable shipping carriers to ensure timely and safe delivery of the Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser to your location. Tracking information will be provided so you can monitor the shipment status until it reaches its destination.

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