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Membrane Imtroduce


Latest company news about Membrane Imtroduce

We manufacture our disc diffusers with compression molded membranes. Standard materials are EPDM and fluoroelastomer layered EPDM.


There is an art to using just the right amount of plasticizer in an EPDM membrane. Use too much, or the wrong type, and emulsifying fats can leech plasticizer and cause shrinkage and increase hardness. Use too little, and the rubber loses its memory, bubble size increases, and the membrane is at risk for flexure failure.

SSI has had a great deal of experience experimenting with different types and amounts of plasticizer, as well as other components of formulated EPDM rubber, such as fillers and curatives, and we put this experience to work.


SSI uses a specially shaped tool to punch holes in the diaphragm from the inside out. This minimises the size of the holes in the diaphragm surface. Through specialized synthesis and surface treatment techniques, we are able to machine smooth holes in hydrophilic surfaces, checking the uniformity of the perforation depth of each diaphragm to ensure uniform air release, and quickly release small air bubbles as small as 1-2mm in diameter.

EPDM Membrane

[Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer] is a synthetic rubber which is custom molded for this application. The compound formulation and molding technique are critical to ensure that the membrane maintains its physical properties over a long period of time, resists tearing, retains its shape even after years of continuous or cyclical use, and produces fine bubbles, all at a minimal head pressure.

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PTFE Membrane

Developed in 2004 and patented under U SPatent Numbers7396499and7674514,the PTFE-coated EPDM membrane is now proven technology. The PTFE surface layer protects the EPDM substrate from chemical attack, while at the same time significantly reducing surface fouling on the membrane.

Industrially,this product is a"musthave," and has become the industry standard in pulp and paper, dairy, refinery, carbonated beverage and landfill leach ate applications.

Municipally,it is used by major cities world wide due to the anticipated life cycle cost benefits and reduced maintenance.



  • Single mold tichnology to reduce costs.
  • Availabe in 4 versions:7",9",12" and 20".
  • 3/4" M NPT connection.

latest company case about Membrane Imtroduce  4 High efficiencies(SOTE) and lowpressure dropstested according to ASCE standards.

latest company case about Membrane Imtroduce  5 High resistance environmentally friendly polypropylend body(100℃).

latest company case about Membrane Imtroduce  6 Membrane with low plasticzer content to minimize the phenomena of loss of elasticity and shrinkage.

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