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EPDM / PTFE Tube Diffuser With 2mm Membrane Thickness High Aeration Efficiency

EPDM / PTFE Tube Diffuser With 2mm Membrane Thickness High Aeration Efficiency

PTFE Tube Type Diffuser

Tube Diffuser With 2mm Membrane Thickness

High Aeration Efficiency Tube Diffuser

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Product Description:

Tube Aeration Diffuser is a special type of aeration diffuser used for aquatic oxygenation and wastewater treatment. It is constructed with a combination of air diffuser tube and air diffuser membrane, which are made of EPDM/PTFE material. With hole size of 1/2mm and membrane thickness of 2mm, it provides an active surface area of 0.15/0.22㎡ and drag loss of 1285~4100pa. It is widely used for oxygenation and waste water treatment in various activities.

EPDM / PTFE Tube Diffuser With 2mm Membrane Thickness High Aeration Efficiency 0


  • Product Name: Tube Diffuser
  • Material: EPDM/PTFE
  • Hole Size(mm): 1/2
  • Bubble Size(mm): 1~2
  • Active Surface Area(㎡): 0.15/0.22
  • Membrane Thickness(mm): 2
  • Keywords: Air Diffuser Tube, Tube Aeration Diffuser, Air Diffuser Tube

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Product Tube Aeration Diffuser, Tube Diffuser, Air Diffuser Tube
Bubble Size(mm) 1~2
Hole Size(mm) 1/2
Membrane Thickness(mm) 2
Drag Loss(pa) 1285~4100
Material EPDM/PTFE
Active Surface Area(㎡) 0.15/0.22


DUBHE AFT Aeration Diffuser Tube

DUBHE AFT Aeration Diffuser Tube is an ideal air diffuser tube for wastewater treatment. It is made with EPDM or PTFE material and features an active surface area of 0.15~0.22㎡, a bubble size of 1~2mm, a drag loss of 1285~4100pa, and a membrane thickness of 2mm.

The Aeration Diffuser Tube is widely used in wastewater treatment. Its unique features, such as its large active surface area, low drag loss, and fine bubble size, make it a reliable and efficient solution for oxygen transfer, odor control, and other water treatment works.

By using DUBHE AFT Aeration Diffuser Tube, you can expect a significant reduction in energy consumption and operational costs. The diffuser tube is also highly durable and corrosion-resistant, allowing for a longer service life.

EPDM / PTFE Tube Diffuser With 2mm Membrane Thickness High Aeration Efficiency 1

Support and Services:

Technical support and service for Tube Diffuser

At XYZ company, we understand that our customers rely on our products for their businesses. Therefore, we are committed to providing reliable technical support and service to keep your Tube Diffusers running smoothly.

Our technical support team is composed of experienced engineers who have extensive knowledge of our products. They are available to answer any questions you might have in a timely and professional manner.

We also offer regular maintenance and repair services to ensure that your Tube Diffusers are running optimally. We use only the highest quality parts and components, so you can be sure that your equipment is in good hands.

At XYZ company, we strive to offer the best technical support and service for our customers. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.



Q1: What is the brand name of the Tube Diffuser?
A1: The brand name of the Tube Diffuser is DUBHE.
Q2: What is the model number of the Tube Diffuser?
A2: The model number of the Tube Diffuser is AFT.
Q3: Where is the Tube Diffuser manufactured?
A3: The Tube Diffuser is manufactured in Korea.
Q4: Is the Tube Diffuser applicable for wastewater treatment?
A4: Absolutely. The Tube Diffuser is applicable for wastewater treatment.
Q5: What is the advantage of using the Tube Diffuser?
A5: The Tube Diffuser has high oxygen transfer efficiency, low pressure loss, and long lifespan.

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