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Specific Gravity and 5-15 Days Membrane Hanging Time for MBBR In Wastewater Treatment

Specific Gravity and 5-15 Days Membrane Hanging Time for MBBR In Wastewater Treatment

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Wastewater Treatment
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Product Description

Product Description:

Biofilm-Based-Reactor-System for Efficient Wastewater Treatment

The MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) is a highly efficient and innovative solution for treating wastewater. It is a type of Biodegradable Biofilm Reactor System, which utilizes a biofilm carrier to provide a large surface area for microorganisms to attach and grow. This allows for the treatment of a wide range of wastewater, including industrial, municipal, and domestic wastewater.

Product Overview

The MBBR In Wastewater Treatment is an Integrated Biofilm Reactor System that offers a compact and cost-effective solution for the treatment of wastewater. It is made of durable HDPE material and has a specific gravity of >0.96g/cm³, making it suitable for various types of wastewater. With a pH range of 5-15, it can effectively treat wastewater with varying levels of acidity.

Efficient Surface Area

The MBBR system has a large surface area of >500㎡/m³, which allows for a high concentration of microorganisms and a faster treatment process. The biofilm carrier media provides a favorable environment for the growth of beneficial bacteria, which helps in the breakdown of organic pollutants in the wastewater.

Membrane Hanging Time

The MBBR system has a membrane hanging time of 5-15 days, which means that the biofilm carrier media can remain in the reactor for this period without the need for replacement. This reduces maintenance costs and ensures a continuous and efficient treatment process.

Advantages of MBBR In Wastewater Treatment
  • Highly efficient and cost-effective solution for treating wastewater
  • Can handle a wide range of wastewater types and varying levels of acidity
  • Compact design and easy installation
  • Durable HDPE material ensures long-term use
  • Reduces maintenance costs with a longer membrane hanging time
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable wastewater treatment solution

In conclusion, the MBBR In Wastewater Treatment is a reliable and efficient solution for treating wastewater. Its innovative design and use of biofilm carrier media make it a highly effective Integrated Biofilm Reactor System. With its high surface area, durable material, and cost-effectiveness, it is a preferred choice for various industries and municipalities seeking a sustainable wastewater treatment solution.

Specific Gravity and 5-15 Days Membrane Hanging Time for MBBR In Wastewater Treatment 0


  • Product Name: MBBR In Wastewater Treatment
  • Material: HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)
  • Membrane hanging time: 5-15 days
  • pH: 5-15
  • Application: Wastewater Treatment
  • Efficient surface: >500㎡/m³
  • Multi-Media-Biofilm-Reactor-System
  • Biodegradable-Biofilm-Reactor-System
  • Biofilm-Based-Reactor-System
  • High-Density-Polyethylene material for durability and longevity
  • High-Efficiency-Wastewater-Treatment for improved water quality

Technical Parameters:

Product Name MBBR In Wastewater Treatment
Application Wastewater Treatment
Material HDPE
Membrane Hanging Time 5-15 days
PH 5-15
Efficient Surface >500㎡/m³
Void Ratio >95%
Specific Gravity >0.96g/cm³
Key Features Integrated-Biofilm-Reactor-System, Microbial-Biofilm-Reactor-System, Biofilm-Carrier-Treatment-System


MBBR In Wastewater Treatment by DUBHE

The MBBR In Wastewater Treatment is a revolutionary product designed and manufactured by DUBHE, a leading brand in the field of environmental protection and wastewater treatment. This product is based on the concept of Microbial-Biofilm-Reactor-System, also known as Biodegradable-Biofilm-Reactor-System, which utilizes a Modular-Biofilm-Carrier-Reactor-System to efficiently treat wastewater and reduce harmful pollutants in a cost-effective manner.

Product Attributes
Brand Name DUBHE
Model Number MBBR
Place of Origin China
Material HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)
PH 5-15
Efficient Surface >500㎡/m³
Specific Gravity >0.96g/cm³
Void Ratio >95%
Application Scenarios

The MBBR In Wastewater Treatment can be used in various industrial, municipal, and domestic environments to treat and purify wastewater. Some of the common application scenarios include:

  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment: This product is highly effective in treating industrial wastewater from factories, power plants, chemical plants, and other manufacturing facilities. It can efficiently remove pollutants such as organic matter, heavy metals, and toxic substances, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment: MBBR is also suitable for treating wastewater in cities and towns, improving the quality of water in rivers, lakes, and other water bodies. It can effectively remove pollutants such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and other harmful substances, making the water safe for human and animal consumption.
  • Domestic Wastewater Treatment: This product can be used in residential buildings, housing complexes, and small communities to treat domestic wastewater. It is an eco-friendly solution that can reduce the level of pollutants in the water before it is discharged into the environment.
Product Features

The MBBR In Wastewater Treatment offers several key features that make it stand out in the market:

  • High Efficiency: With an efficient surface area of over 500㎡/m³, this product can handle large volumes of wastewater and remove a wide range of pollutants in a short period, making it a cost-effective solution for wastewater treatment.
  • Durable Material: Made from HDPE, the MBBR is resistant to corrosion, UV rays, and extreme temperatures, making it suitable for use in harsh industrial and environmental conditions.
  • Adjustable PH Levels: The product can operate effectively in a wide range of PH levels, from 5 to 15, making it adaptable to different types of wastewater.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Install: The modular design of the MBBR makes it easy to transport and install, reducing installation time and costs.
  • Eco-Friendly: This product uses a natural process of biofilm formation and microbial degradation to treat wastewater, without the need for chemicals, making it an environmentally friendly solution.

The MBBR In Wastewater Treatment by DUBHE is a highly efficient and eco-friendly solution for treating wastewater in various settings. Its innovative design and durable material make it a reliable and cost-effective choice for industries, municipalities, and households looking to improve their wastewater treatment processes. Choose MBBR and contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping:

MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) is a specialized product used in wastewater treatment processes. It is carefully packaged to ensure safe transportation and delivery to customers.

The product is packed in sturdy and durable wooden crates, which are sealed and labeled with product information and handling instructions. Each crate contains MBBR media in specific quantities, depending on the customer's order.

For international shipments, the wooden crates are further secured with moisture-resistant wrapping and placed in a steel-framed container for added protection. This helps to safeguard the product from any external damage during transit.

Our shipping team works closely with our logistics partners to ensure timely and efficient delivery of MBBR products to our customers. We offer flexible shipping options, including air freight and sea freight, to cater to different delivery needs.

Upon delivery, the customer is responsible for unloading the crates from the truck or container. We recommend using proper equipment and following safe handling procedures to avoid any accidents or damage.

In case of any damage or discrepancies with the product, customers are advised to notify us within 24 hours of delivery for prompt resolution.

Overall, our packaging and shipping process is designed to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of MBBR products to our customers, no matter where they are located.

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