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Coarse bubble diffuser

Coarse bubble diffuser

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EPDM / PTFE / FEPDM™ / Viton
Hole Size On Pipe:
Hole Quantity:
10 X 5mm Holes
Design Air Flow Range:
7 To 10 Sm³/hr
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Our Stainless Steel WBCB diffusers are available in 304L or 316L stainless steel. The diffuser is made with cast endcaps welded all around. A typical piping system utilizing SSI WBCB diffusers is made from Stainless Steel pipe with ¾” FNPT gusseted tees or elbows welded to the bottom center line. Deflectors are supplied with each diffuser but can be removed. The coarse bubble diffuser is intended to be a clog-free design, with oxygen transfer rates of 0.5 to 0.8% per foot of submergence (1.7 to 2.5% SOTE/m).

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Coarse bubble diffuser 1Grommet Connection

This excellent diffuser from SSI is an on-clog type that automatically closes and seals completely when air is turned off. Unlike stainless steel wideband-type diffusers, this model will not be clogged by rags in the tank.

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Caps are most commonly used in aerobic digesters and equalization tanks where high-rate oxygen transfer efficiency is not required. They are manufactured from black Acetyl plastic containing UV protection and membranes are made from the same EPDM compound that SSI uses in fine bubble disc diffusers. Caps have a 3/4" MNPT thread. SSI’s Cap diffuser is an on-clog design and operates well under intermittent and continuous conditions. A typical piping system utilizing SSI AFC75 diffusers is made from PVC, CPVC or Stainless Steel pipe, with Grommets, Drilled and Tapped pipe, or welded ¾” FNPT SS bosses to the top center line.

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Coarse bubble diffuser 1Reference Data


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Coarse bubble diffuser 1Application

Provision of Oxygen: Aeration discs provide dissolved oxygen by injecting gases into the water column, facilitating the biological treatment process, especially in biofilters and activated sludge systems.

Stirring and mixing: The bubble movement of the aeration disk stirs and mixes waste and pollutants in the water, ensuring even distribution and contact.

Suspension of Particulate Matter: Aeration discs suspend solid particles suspended in water, making them easier to remove or treat.

Sludge Oxidation: In wastewater treatment, aeration trays are used to provide oxygen to induce microorganisms in the sludge to oxidize organic matter.

Gas transfer: Aeration trays are used to transfer gases into the water for chemical treatment or to improve specific properties of the water body.

Sedimentation of Suspended Matter: Through the movement of bubbles, aeration trays help to induce suspended matter to settle to the bottom of the water column for easier treatment and removal.

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