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Compact Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor System With Specific Gravity >0.96g/Cm3

Compact Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor System With Specific Gravity >0.96g/Cm3

Wastewater Treatment Biofilm Carrier

Compact Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor System

Biodegradable Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor

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Product Details
Efficient Surface:
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Wastewater Treatment
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Product Description

Product Description:

The MBBR System is an advanced biodegradable biofilm reactor system that uses aerobic biofilm for wastewater treatment. It is suitable for a wide range of applications such as industrial wastewater, urban wastewater and sludge treatment. The design of this system is highly efficient, offering an impressive surface area of greater than 500m²/m³, and a void ratio of 95%. The system also offers a membrane hanging time of 5-15 days, and works with a range of pH levels from 5-15. The materials used are high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for the membrane and the biofilm, ensuring durability and long-term performance. The MBBR System is a reliable and cost-effective solution for wastewater treatment needs.

Compact Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor System With Specific Gravity >0.96g/Cm3 0


  • Product Name:Moving-Bed-Biofilm-Reactor-System (MBBR System)
  • Material:High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Void ratio:>95%
  • Efficient surface:>500㎡/m³
  • Specific gravity:>0.96g/cm³
  • PH range:5-15
  • Product Type:Integrated-Biofilm-Reactor-System, Biofilm-Based-Reactor-System

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Moving-Bed-Biofilm-Reactor-System Wastewater Treatment
Membrane hanging time 5-15days
Efficient surface >500㎡/m³
Specific gravity >0.96g/cm³
Material HDPE
Void ratio >95%
PH 5-15
Biofilm-Carrier-Treatment-System Wastewater Treatment


The DUBHE MBBR System is an advanced Biofilm-Based-Reactor-System that uses biodegradable biofilm to reduce organic and suspended matters in wastewater. It is an ideal solution for wastewater treatment with its effective surface of more than 500㎡/m³, void ratio of more than 95%, and a wide range of pH from 5 to 15. It is a Moving-Bed-Biofilm-Reactor-System with a specific gravity of 0.96g/cm³, allowing the biofilm to move freely in the chamber, so that suspended particles can be suspended and treated. The DUBHE MBBR System has proven to be an effective and affordable solution for wastewater treatment, and is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for MBBR System:

  • Each MBBR system is packed in a sturdy cardboard carton and secured with foam-in-place packaging.
  • The MBBR system is shipped via air freight, ocean cargo, or express courier, depending on the size and destination.
  • At delivery, customers must inspect the product before signing the delivery receipt.
  • The number of packages and the weight should be checked and verified at the time of delivery.


Q1: What is the MBBR System?
A1: The MBBR System is a product from DUBHE with model number MBBR. It is a high-efficiency sewage treatment equipment made in China.
Q2: What are the benefits of using the MBBR System?
A2: The MBBR System can help reduce the cost of sewage treatment, improve the efficiency of sewage treatment, and reduce the amount of pollutants discharged from sewage.
Q3: What is the operating principle of the MBBR System?
A3: The MBBR System utilizes a combination of biological, physical and chemical processes to remove various pollutants from wastewater.
Q4: What is the capacity of the MBBR System?
A4: The capacity of the MBBR System is determined by the size of the equipment and the amount of wastewater to be treated.
Q5: What are the advantages of the MBBR System?
A5: The MBBR System is reliable, easy to maintain, and can reduce the cost of sewage treatment.

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