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0.15/0.22 Tube Type Diffuser with Active Surface Area of 0.15m2 and Hole Size of 1mm

0.15/0.22 Tube Type Diffuser with Active Surface Area of 0.15m2 and Hole Size of 1mm

0.15m2 Tube Type Diffuser

1mm Tube Type Diffuser

0.15/0.22 Tube Type Diffuser

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Product Details
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Product Description

Product Description:

Aeration Diffuser - Tube Type Diffuser

The Tube Type Diffuser is a type of aeration diffuser that is used in various industries, such as wastewater treatment, aquaculture, and industrial processes, to introduce air or oxygen into a liquid. This product is designed to provide efficient and effective aeration for the specific needs of each application.

Product Attributes
  • Drag Loss(pa): The Tube Type Diffuser has a range of drag loss from 1285 to 4100 pa, ensuring optimal air flow and aeration.
  • Bubble Size(mm): This diffuser produces small bubbles in the range of 1 to 2 mm, which allows for better oxygen transfer and mixing in the liquid.
  • Hole Size(mm): The hole size of the diffuser is 1/2 mm, providing a consistent and even distribution of air bubbles.
  • Material: The Tube Type Diffuser is made of high-quality EPDM or PTFE material, which is known for its durability, flexibility, and resistance to harsh chemicals and UV light.
  • Membrane Thickness(mm): The membrane of the diffuser has a thickness of 2 mm, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.
Key Features
  • Aeration Efficiency: The Tube Type Diffuser is designed to provide high aeration efficiency, resulting in improved dissolved oxygen levels in the liquid.
  • Low Maintenance: With its durable and high-quality materials, this diffuser requires minimal maintenance and has a long lifespan.
  • Easy Installation: The Tube Type Diffuser is lightweight and easy to install, making it a cost-effective and hassle-free solution for aeration needs.
  • Versatility: This product can be used in a variety of applications, including municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, fish and shrimp farming, and industrial processes.
  • Cost-effective: The Tube Type Diffuser offers a cost-effective solution for aeration needs, as it provides efficient aeration at a lower cost compared to other aeration methods.

The Tube Type Diffuser is a highly efficient and versatile aeration diffuser that provides optimal aeration for various applications. With its durable materials, low maintenance, and easy installation, it is a cost-effective solution for improving dissolved oxygen levels in liquids. Choose the Tube Type Diffuser for your aeration needs and experience its high performance and reliability.

0.15/0.22 Tube Type Diffuser with Active Surface Area of 0.15m2 and Hole Size of 1mm 0


  • Product Name: Tube Type Diffuser
  • Drag Loss(pa): 1285~4100
  • Hole Size(mm): 1/2
  • Membrane Thickness(mm): 2
  • Bubble Size(mm): 1~2
  • Active Surface Area(㎡): 0.15/0.22
  • Tube Aeration Diffuser
  • Diffuser Tube
  • Aeration Diffuser
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Maintenance

Technical Parameters:

Air Diffuser Tube Tube Diffuser
Tube Aeration Diffuser  
Property Value
Bubble Size (mm) 1~2
Material EPDM/PTFE
Active Surface Area (㎡) 0.15/0.22
Drag Loss (pa) 1285~4100
Membrane Thickness (mm) 2
Hole Size (mm) 1/2


Tube Type Diffuser - The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Aeration

Brand Name: DUBHE

Model Number: AFT

Place of Origin: Korea


Tube Type Diffuser, also known as Tube Aeration Diffuser, is a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for aeration in various applications. It is designed and manufactured by DUBHE, a leading brand in the field of aeration systems, with the highest quality standards and advanced technology. The unique design of Tube Type Diffuser makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, providing a consistent and reliable performance.

Product Details

Tube Type Diffuser is available in different models to meet the specific needs of different applications. The most common specifications of this product are:

Specifications Values
Hole Size (mm) 1/2
Membrane Thickness (mm) 2
Active Surface Area (㎡) 0.15/0.22
Bubble Size (mm) 1~2
Drag Loss (pa) 1285~4100
Application Scenarios

Tube Type Diffuser is widely used in various industries and applications, including:

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial effluent treatment
  • Aquaculture
  • Landfills and leachate treatment
  • Ponds and lakes aeration
  • Circulation systems for fish farms
  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Food and beverage production
  • And many more.
Product Features

Tube Type Diffuser is designed with the following features, making it the best choice for efficient aeration:

  • Highly Durable: Made of high-quality materials, Tube Type Diffuser is highly durable and resistant to corrosion and abrasion, ensuring a long lifespan.
  • Easy Installation: The unique design of Tube Type Diffuser makes it easy to install and maintain, reducing the installation time and costs.
  • Uniform Aeration: The evenly spaced holes on the diffuser tube ensure uniform distribution of oxygen, resulting in efficient aeration.
  • Low Maintenance: With minimal moving parts, Tube Type Diffuser requires low maintenance, reducing the overall operational costs.
  • Energy-efficient: The small bubble size and low drag loss of Tube Type Diffuser result in lower energy consumption, making it a cost-effective choice.
  • Customizable: Tube Type Diffuser can be customized to meet the specific requirements of different applications, providing optimum performance.

In summary, Tube Type Diffuser by DUBHE is a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for aeration in various applications. With its unique design and advanced technology, it ensures consistent and uniform aeration, resulting in better water quality and improved efficiency. So, whether you are looking for a solution for wastewater treatment or aquaculture, Tube Type Diffuser is the perfect choice for all your aeration needs.

Contact DUBHE today to learn more about Tube Type Diffuser and how it can benefit your specific application.



Tube Type Diffuser Customization Service

Thank you for choosing DUBHE as your aeration diffuser supplier. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products and excellent services to meet your specific needs. Our Tube Type Diffuser, also known as Tube Aeration Diffuser, is a top-of-the-line product that offers efficient and reliable aeration for various applications. To further enhance your experience, we offer a customization service for our Tube Type Diffuser.

Brand Name DUBHE
Model Number AFT
Place of Origin Korea
Material EPDM/PTFE
Active Surface Area (㎡) 0.15/0.22
Drag Loss (pa) 1285~4100
Membrane Thickness (mm) 2
Hole Size (mm) 1/2

Our customization service allows you to tailor the specifications of our Tube Type Diffuser to best suit your specific needs. This includes adjusting the active surface area, drag loss, and hole size according to your application requirements. Our experienced engineers will work closely with you to ensure that the customized Tube Type Diffuser meets your expectations and delivers optimal performance.

We strive to provide timely and efficient customization services to minimize any production delays. With our advanced manufacturing processes and strict quality control, you can trust that your customized Tube Type Diffuser will meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Choose DUBHE for your Tube Type Diffuser customization needs and experience the difference in aeration efficiency and effectiveness. Contact us today to learn more about our customization services and how we can help you achieve your aeration goals.


Packing and Shipping:

Tube Type Diffuser Packaging and Shipping

Our Tube Type Diffuser is carefully packaged and shipped to ensure its safe arrival at your doorstep. Here's what you can expect when you order our product:

  • The diffuser is placed in a sturdy cardboard box to protect it from any external damage during shipping.
  • Inside the box, the diffuser is wrapped in bubble wrap for extra cushioning and protection.
  • The box is sealed with strong packing tape to prevent any shifting or opening during transportation.
  • We use reliable and reputable shipping carriers to deliver your order in a timely and secure manner.
  • For international orders, we comply with all necessary customs and shipping regulations to ensure smooth delivery.
  • Our packaging materials are eco-friendly and recyclable.

Thank you for choosing our Tube Type Diffuser. We are committed to providing you with high-quality products and hassle-free shipping. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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