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Efficiency EPDM Fine Bubble Aeration Disc For Wastewater System

Efficiency EPDM Fine Bubble Aeration Disc For Wastewater System

EPDM Fine Bubble Aeration Disc

Wastewater System Fine Bubble Aeration Disc

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Product Description

Product Description:

Product Function: When the product is pressurised by the gas when filling air, the micropores on the rubber diaphragm will expand by themselves to fill oxygen into the pool, and the bubbles will become smaller through the cutting of the micropores. The bubbles are cut by the micropores and become smaller. The bubbles can be adjusted by themselves with the increase or decrease of the air volume, so as to get a better effect of oxygenation. The design of rubber membrane peripheral sealing fixed ring and O-ring ensures the air sealing performance between the rubber diaphragm and fixed disc. When the air pressure increases, the sealing ability is also enhanced, which can effectively prevent air leakage. When aeration stops, the aerator diaphragm has a self-closing function and is equipped with a check valve, the microporous holes on the rubber diaphragm will close on their own, and the sewage will not enter into the aerator system, and at the same time, it can prevent the sludge from clogging. After stopping aeration for a long time, it can still aerate normally. The aerator and the air distribution pipe are connected through the threads inside the special rubber adapter, which is easy to connect and dismantle the aeration system, and convenient for maintenance and replacement. At the same time, the special rubber adapter has a sealing function after the thread is tightened to ensure a firm connection and reliable sealing.

Efficiency EPDM Fine Bubble Aeration Disc For Wastewater System 0


  • Product Name: Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser
  • Material: EPDM
  • Air Consumption: 0.2-0.6m3/min
  • Shape: Disc
  • Hole quantity: 3500~8000
  • Membrane thickness: 2mm

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Description
SOTE(%) 22-59
Air Consumption 0.2-0.6m 3 /min
Material EPDM
Membrane Thickness 2mm
Hole Quantity 3500~8000
Shape Disc


The DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser, model number DUDS, is a high-performance aeration device manufactured with precision in China. With its robust EPDM membrane that boasts a thickness of 2mm, this disc-shaped diffuser is engineered to deliver exceptional durability and efficiency. The DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is designed with a significant number of holes, ranging from 3500 to 8000, which ensures an optimal distribution of fine bubbles, leading to an increased oxygen transfer rate and enhanced aeration in various applications. It operates within an air consumption range of 0.2-0.6m3/min, making it a versatile tool for a wide array of aeration needs.

One of the primary application occasions for the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is in municipal wastewater treatment plants. Here, the disc diffuser plays a crucial role in the biological treatment process, where it provides the necessary oxygen for the aerobic microorganisms that break down organic pollutants. The fine bubble aeration is particularly effective in promoting the growth of these beneficial microorganisms, resulting in cleaner effluent and more efficient plant operation.

Moreover, industrial wastewater treatment facilities can greatly benefit from the incorporation of the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser into their treatment systems. Industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals often require stringent wastewater treatment standards. The DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser's high oxygen transfer efficiency helps these facilities meet their environmental compliance requirements while maintaining cost-effective operations.

Aquaculture is another scenario where the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser demonstrates its utility. Fish farms and shrimp ponds require well-oxygenated water to ensure the health and growth of aquatic life. The DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser's ability to provide fine bubbles maximizes the oxygenation of the water body, thus promoting better living conditions for the farmed species.

Additionally, the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is suitable for use in lake and river remediation projects. In scenarios where natural water bodies suffer from low dissolved oxygen levels, the deployment of these disc diffusers can significantly improve water quality, support aquatic ecosystems, and help restore the natural balance.

Lastly, the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is an excellent choice for experimental and research applications where precise and controlled aeration is necessary. Laboratories and educational institutions can utilize the fine bubble aeration technology for various research purposes, including environmental studies and engineering projects focused on water and wastewater treatment technologies.

In conclusion, the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser, with its model number DUDS, offers a range of application occasions and scenarios where its superior aeration capabilities can be harnessed. Whether it's for municipal or industrial wastewater treatment, aquaculture, environmental remediation, or research, this product stands out for its exceptional performance and adaptability.



Experience the superior performance of the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser , crafted with meticulous attention to detail to serve your aeration needs. The Model Number DUDS is a testament to quality engineering, originating from the reputable manufacturing hubs of China . This diffuser boasts a range of 3500~8000 holes , ensuring a consistent and fine bubble output.

Our DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is designed for efficiency, with an air consumption rate of 0.2-0.6m3/min that caters to varied operational demands. Constructed with premium EPDM material , it guarantees durability and long-lasting service. The disc shape of this diffuser is engineered to provide a high oxygen transfer rate, with an SOTE(%) ranging from 22-59 , optimizing the aeration process in your wastewater treatment system.

When choosing the DUBHE Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser , you're not just purchasing a product; you're investing in a solution that brings unmatched efficiency and reliability to your water treatment facilities. Trust DUBHE to deliver excellence and innovation with every bubble.


Packing and Shipping:

The Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser will be securely packaged in high-quality, durable materials to ensure it remains intact and free from damage during transit. Each diffuser will be individually wrapped in protective bubble wrap and placed within a sturdy cardboard box with ample cushioning. The box will be sealed with heavy-duty tape and labeled with the necessary shipping information and handling instructions to guarantee safe delivery to the destination.

For shipping, the packaged Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser will be dispatched through a reputable courier service, providing reliable and efficient delivery. Tracking information will be provided so that the progress of the shipment can be monitored until it reaches its final destination. All precautionary measures will be taken to ensure that the product arrives on time and in perfect condition.

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