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2mm Membrane Thickness Tube Diffuser Bubble Size 1 - 2mm Active Surface Area 0.15/0.22m2

2mm Membrane Thickness Tube Diffuser Bubble Size 1 - 2mm Active Surface Area 0.15/0.22m2

SSI Aeration Tube Diffuser

2mm Membrane Thickness Tube Diffuser

Bubble Tube Type Diffuser

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Product Description

Product Description:

Tube Diffuser is a type of aeration diffuser, which is designed for efficient oxygen transfer into wastewater or other liquids. It is made of high-quality EPDM and PTFE materials, and consists of a membrane with a thickness of 2mm and holes with sizes of 1/2mm. Its drag loss varies from 1285 to 4100 Pa, and it produces small bubbles with sizes ranging from 1 to 2mm. This diffuser offers superior oxygen transfer efficiency, low maintenance costs and long service life, making it an ideal choice for wastewater treatment and other industrial applications.

2mm Membrane Thickness Tube Diffuser Bubble Size 1 - 2mm Active Surface Area 0.15/0.22m2 0


  • Product Name: Tube Diffuser
  • Drag Loss (pa): 1285~4100
  • Membrane Thickness (mm): 2
  • Hole Size (mm): ½
  • Bubble Size (mm): 1~2
  • Active Surface Area (㎡): 0.15/0.22
  • Air Diffuser Tube
  • Diffuser Tube

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Drag Loss(pa) 1285~4100
Bubble Size(mm) 1~2
Membrane Thickness(mm) 2
Material EPDM/PTFE
Active Surface Area(㎡) 0.15/0.22
Hole Size(mm) 1/2
Product Name Tube Aeration Diffuser, Air Diffuser Tube, Tube Aeration Diffuser


Tube Diffuser from brand DUBHE, model AFT, made in Korea, is a Air Diffuser Tube with EPDM/PTFE material, active surface area 0.15/0.22 ㎡, drag loss in the range of 1285~4100 pa, hole size of 1/2 mm, and membrane thickness of 2 mm. It is an ideal Aeration Tube for Tube Diffuser System.

2mm Membrane Thickness Tube Diffuser Bubble Size 1 - 2mm Active Surface Area 0.15/0.22m2 1

Support and Services:

Technical support and service for Tube Diffuser:

  • 24/7 online customer service and support
  • Troubleshooting assistance for common diffuser issues
  • Access to a library of resources and documentation
  • Warranty coverage for repair and replacement
  • Consultations with experts on best practices
  • On-site installation and maintenance services


Q1: What is DUBHE AFT Tube Diffuser?

A1: DUBHE AFT Tube Diffuser is a high-performance diffuser system from Korea that provides an efficient and economical solution for aeration and mixing of wastewater and industrial process liquids.

Q2: What are the benefits of using DUBHE AFT Tube Diffuser?

A2: DUBHE AFT Tube Diffuser provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for wastewater treatment, industrial process liquids, and other applications. It offers excellent oxygen transfer efficiency, energy savings, and quiet operation.

Q3: What is the design of DUBHE AFT Tube Diffuser?

A3: DUBHE AFT Tube Diffuser is designed with a cylindrical shape and a tapered end for improved aeration. It is constructed with durable materials and has a self-cleaning design.

Q4: How do I install DUBHE AFT Tube Diffuser?

A4: DUBHE AFT Tube Diffuser can be installed easily in most tanks with minimal effort. It should be securely mounted to the tank wall and connected to the air supply system.

Q5: What is the maintenance requirement for DUBHE AFT Tube Diffuser?

A5: DUBHE AFT Tube Diffuser requires minimal maintenance. It should be regularly inspected for signs of wear and tear and any potential blockages.

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