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Industrial Municipal MBBR In Wastewater Treatment>500m2/M3 Surface >0.96g/Cm3

Industrial Municipal MBBR In Wastewater Treatment>500m2/M3 Surface >0.96g/Cm3

Municipal MBBR In Wastewater Treatment

MBBR In Wastewater Treatment PH 5

Wastewater Purification MBBR Reactor

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Wastewater Treatment
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Product Description:

Moving-Bed-Biofilm-Reactor (MBBR) In Wastewater Treatment

The Moving-Bed-Biofilm-Reactor (MBBR) is a high-efficiency and durable aerobic-biofilm reactor system that is designed for wastewater purification. It utilizes a biofilm-carrier treatment system, which is composed of specially designed plastic media that provides a large surface area for the growth of microorganisms. This innovative system is a cost-effective solution for treating various types of wastewater, and has been widely adopted by industries, municipalities, and communities around the world.

Application: Wastewater Treatment

The MBBR system is specifically designed for the treatment of wastewater from various sources such as domestic, industrial, and municipal. It can effectively remove organic and inorganic pollutants, nutrients, and other harmful substances from the wastewater, making it suitable for discharge or reuse.

High Efficiency and Sustainable

The MBBR system has a high-efficiency surface area of over 500㎡/m³, allowing for a large number of microorganisms to grow and form a biofilm on the media. This biofilm is responsible for the breakdown of pollutants in the wastewater, resulting in a highly efficient purification process. The system also has a void ratio of over 95%, which ensures maximum contact between the wastewater and the biofilm, further enhancing its efficiency.

Membrane Hanging Time: 5-15 Days

The MBBR system has a unique design that allows for a longer membrane hanging time, which means that the media does not need to be replaced frequently. This results in a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for wastewater treatment.

Durable and Cost-Effective

The MBBR system is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is a durable and corrosion-resistant material. This ensures a long lifespan for the system, making it a cost-effective solution for wastewater treatment. Additionally, the system requires minimal maintenance, further reducing operational costs.

Key Features:
  • High-efficiency surface area of over 500㎡/m³
  • Void ratio of over 95%
  • Membrane hanging time of 5-15 days
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant HDPE material
  • Cost-effective and sustainable solution
  • Effective removal of organic and inorganic pollutants, nutrients, and other harmful substances
  • Suitable for various types of wastewater

In conclusion, the Moving-Bed-Biofilm-Reactor (MBBR) system is a highly efficient, durable, and sustainable solution for wastewater treatment. Its innovative design and use of high-quality materials make it a cost-effective and reliable choice for industries, municipalities, and communities seeking to purify their wastewater. Trust MBBR for all your wastewater treatment needs.

Industrial Municipal MBBR In Wastewater Treatment>500m2/M3 Surface >0.96g/Cm3 0


  • Product Name: MBBR In Wastewater Treatment
  • Specific gravity: >0.96g/cm³
  • Material: HDPE
  • Application: Wastewater Treatment
  • Efficient surface: >500㎡/m³
  • PH: 5-15
  • Moving-Bed-Biofilm-Reactor-System
  • Aerobic-Biofilm-Reactor-System
  • Biofilm-Carrier-Treatment-System
  • Biofilm-Technology

Technical Parameters:

Biofilm-Based-Reactor-System Carrier-Based-Reactor-System
Material: HDPE Material: HDPE
PH: 5-15 PH: 5-15
Application: Wastewater Treatment Application: Wastewater Treatment
Efficient surface: >500㎡/m³ Efficient surface: >500㎡/m³
Membrane hanging time: 5-15days Membrane hanging time: 5-15days
void ratio: >95% void ratio: >95%
Specific gravity: >0.96g/cm³ Specific gravity: >0.96g/cm³
Moving-Bed-Biofilm-Reactor-System Moving-Bed-Biofilm-Reactor-System


DUBHE MBBR In Wastewater Treatment

Brand Name: DUBHE

Model Number: MBBR

Place of Origin: China

Wastewater treatment is an essential process in modern society to protect the environment and human health. With the increasing demand for efficient and sustainable solutions, the use of Multi-Media-Biofilm-Reactor-System (MBBR) has gained popularity in the treatment of wastewater. Among the various MBBR systems available, DUBHE MBBR stands out with its superior features and performance.

Efficient Surface

The DUBHE MBBR is designed to provide an efficient surface area of over 500㎡/m³, which allows for a larger amount of biofilm to grow and thrive. This results in a highly efficient treatment process that can handle large volumes of wastewater.

High-Quality Material

The MBBR media used in the DUBHE system is made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is a strong and durable material. It is resistant to chemicals and UV rays, making it suitable for use in harsh environments. The high-quality material ensures a long lifespan and low maintenance costs.

Optimal PH Levels

The DUBHE MBBR system is designed to operate at a PH range of 5-15, which is optimal for the growth of microorganisms. This allows for the efficient removal of pollutants such as BOD, COD, and Ammonia-Nitrogen from the wastewater.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

The DUBHE MBBR system is an eco-friendly solution for wastewater treatment. It does not require the use of chemicals, making it a sustainable choice for the environment. The biofilm process used in the system also ensures that the treated water is of high quality and can be safely discharged into the environment.


The DUBHE MBBR system is a cost-effective option for wastewater treatment. Its high efficiency and low maintenance requirements result in significant cost savings for users. The long lifespan of the system also reduces the need for frequent replacements, further reducing costs.


The DUBHE MBBR system is known for its high performance in treating wastewater. Its unique design and efficient surface area allow for a faster and more effective treatment process. This results in a higher quality of treated water and a more reliable system.

Easy Maintenance

The DUBHE MBBR system is designed for easy maintenance. The MBBR media can be easily removed and cleaned, and the system does not require the use of specialized tools. This makes it easy to maintain and reduces downtime for the treatment process.

Application in Wastewater Treatment

The DUBHE MBBR system is suitable for various applications in wastewater treatment, including industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. It can handle a wide range of pollutants and has a high tolerance for shock loads, making it a versatile solution for different types of wastewater.

Membrane Hanging Time

The DUBHE MBBR system has a membrane hanging time of 5-15 days, which is longer compared to other systems. This allows for a longer contact time between the wastewater and the biofilm, resulting in a more thorough treatment process.

In conclusion, the DUBHE MBBR system is a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for wastewater treatment. Its superior features and high performance make it a popular choice among industries and municipalities. With its focus on sustainability and ease of maintenance, the DUBHE MBBR system is a valuable addition to any wastewater treatment plant.



DUBHE MBBR - Customized Service for Wastewater Treatment

Brand Name: DUBHE

Model Number: MBBR

Place of Origin: China

Application: Wastewater Treatment

PH: 5-15

Material: HDPE

Specific gravity: >0.96g/cm³

Efficient surface: >500㎡/m³

At DUBHE, we understand that every wastewater treatment project is unique and requires a customized solution. That's why we offer personalized services for our MBBR (Microbial-Biofilm-Reactor-System) to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our MBBR is a advanced Modular-Biofilm-Carrier-Reactor-System that utilizes a Biofilm-Based-Reactor-System for efficient wastewater treatment. With our Customized-Design service, we can tailor the system to fit your specific requirements and ensure high-efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our MBBR is made from high-quality HDPE material with a specific gravity of >0.96g/cm³, ensuring durability and longevity. The efficient surface area of >500㎡/m³ allows for a higher microbial population and better treatment efficiency.

Choose DUBHE MBBR for a Sustainable-Solution to your wastewater treatment needs. Our Customized-Service ensures that our MBBR will meet your unique requirements and provide a long-lasting, efficient, and cost-effective solution for your wastewater treatment needs.


Packing and Shipping:

MBBR In Wastewater Treatment
Packaging and Shipping

Our MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) units for wastewater treatment are carefully packaged and shipped to ensure safe and efficient delivery to our customers.


The MBBR units are first wrapped in protective materials, such as bubble wrap or foam, to prevent any damage during transportation. They are then placed in sturdy cardboard boxes or wooden crates, depending on the size and quantity of the units ordered.

For international shipments, the units are also packaged according to specific international shipping regulations and guidelines.


We offer various shipping options to our customers, including air, sea, and land transportation. The shipping method will depend on the customer's location and the urgency of the delivery.

Our team works closely with trusted shipping partners to ensure timely and secure delivery of our MBBR units. We also provide tracking information to our customers so they can monitor the status of their shipment.

Overall, our packaging and shipping processes are designed to protect the MBBR units and ensure their safe arrival at the designated destination. We strive to provide a hassle-free and reliable experience for our customers.

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