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Aeration Wastewater Treatment Service SSI Aeration Diffusers Life ≥5Y 7/9/12inch

Aeration Wastewater Treatment Service SSI Aeration Diffusers Life ≥5Y 7/9/12inch

PTFE SSI Aeration Disc Diffusers

Aeration Wastewater Treatment SSI Aeration Diffusers

12inch Disc Type Diffuser

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Product Details
High Oxygen Transfer Efficiency, Low Maintenance, Etc.
Aeration Wastewater Treatment, Etc.
Product Name:
Aeration Disc
Service Life:
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Product Description

Product Description:

SSI Aeration Diffusers

SSI Aeration Diffusers is a highly efficient and low maintenance aeration cleaning machine designed for various applications including aeration wastewater treatment. It is the perfect solution for industries and municipalities looking for a reliable and effective method of aeration and oxygen transfer.

Product Name: Aeration Disc

Our Aeration Disc is available in three sizes: 7, 9, and 12 inches. This allows our customers to choose the size that best suits their specific needs and requirements. The disc is made of high-quality EPDM or PTFE material, ensuring durability, longevity, and resistance to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures.

Application: Aeration Wastewater Treatment, Etc.

Our Aeration Disc is suitable for a wide range of applications, including aeration wastewater treatment, aquaculture, and industrial processes. It is designed to provide efficient and effective aeration and oxygen transfer, leading to improved water quality and reduced energy costs.

  • High Oxygen Transfer Efficiency: Our Aeration Disc is specifically designed to achieve high oxygen transfer efficiency, ensuring optimal oxygen levels in the water for the growth and survival of aerobic microorganisms.
  • Low Maintenance: With its durable material and simple design, our Aeration Disc requires minimal maintenance, reducing operational costs and downtime.
  • Aeration Cleaning Equipment: Our Aeration Disc can also be used as a bubble diffuser aerator clean, providing efficient and thorough cleaning of wastewater treatment systems, ponds, and lakes.

In conclusion, SSI Aeration Diffusers is a top-of-the-line product that offers high oxygen transfer efficiency, low maintenance, and versatility in applications. It is the perfect solution for all your aeration and oxygen transfer needs.

Aeration Wastewater Treatment Service SSI Aeration Diffusers  Life ≥5Y 7/9/12inch 0


  • Product Name: Aeration Disc
  • Material: EPDM/PTFE
  • Service Life: ≥5Y
  • Size: 7/9/12inch
  • Features:
    • High Oxygen Transfer Efficiency
    • Low Maintenance
    • Aeration Diffuser Device
    • Bubble Diffuser Aerator Clean
    • Aeration Cleaning Equipment
    • Disc Diffuser

Technical Parameters:

Product Name Aeration Disc
Application Aeration Wastewater Treatment, Etc.
Size 7/9/12inch
Material EPDM/PTFE
Features High Oxygen Transfer Efficiency, Low Maintenance, Etc.
Service Life >=5Y
Technical Specifications
Aeration Diffuser Device SSI Aeration Diffusers
Acid dosing system Compatible with Acid dosing system
Aeration Cleaning Machine Compatible with Aeration Cleaning Machine
Aeration Wastewater Treatment Service SSI Aeration Diffusers  Life ≥5Y 7/9/12inch 1


SSI Aeration Diffusers

SSI Aeration Diffusers are high-quality, reliable and efficient aeration discs designed and produced by SSI, a leading manufacturer from Korea. Made from EPDM or PTFE material, these aeration discs are known for their long service life of at least 5 years and come in three different sizes: 7, 9 and 12 inches. With their exceptional features, SSI Aeration Diffusers are the perfect solution for a wide range of applications.

Product Name: Aeration Disc
Brand Name: SSI

Place of Origin: Korea

Material: EPDM/PTFE

Service Life: ≥5Y

Size: 7/9/12inch


SSI Aeration Diffusers are suitable for a variety of applications, including:

  • Aeration Cleaning Machine
  • Aeration Cleaning Equipment
  • Diffuser Aeration Cleaning System
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Aquaculture
  • Sewage Treatment
Product Features
  • High Oxygen Transfer Efficiency
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long Service Life of ≥5 years
  • Available in 7/9/12inch sizes
  • Made from high-quality EPDM or PTFE material
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Durable and reliable
How It Works

SSI Aeration Diffusers work by releasing fine bubbles of oxygen into the water, creating a large surface area for the transfer of oxygen from the air to the water. This process increases the dissolved oxygen levels in the water, providing necessary oxygen for aquatic life and promoting efficient wastewater treatment.

  • Improves water quality
  • Increases dissolved oxygen levels
  • Promotes efficient wastewater treatment
  • Enhances aquatic life and growth
  • Reduces maintenance and operational costs
  • Environmentally friendly

SSI Aeration Diffusers are easy to install and can be mounted on the bottom of tanks or basins using stainless steel or plastic supports. The diffusers can also be connected to air pipes using quick-connect fittings for faster and simpler installation.


With low maintenance requirements, SSI Aeration Diffusers are designed to save time and effort. Regular cleaning is recommended to prevent clogging and ensure optimal performance. The diffusers can be easily removed and cleaned with a soft brush and mild detergent.

Product Images
Product Name Aeration Disc
Brand Name SSI
Place of Origin Korea
Material EPDM/PTFE
Service Life ≥5Y
Size 7/9/12inch
Features High Oxygen Transfer Efficiency, Low Maintenance, Long Service Life, Easy to Install, Corrosion-resistant, Durable


SSI Aeration Diffusers - Customized Service

Brand Name: SSI

Place of Origin: Korea

Size: 7/9/12inch

Product Name: Aeration Disc

Features: High Oxygen Transfer Efficiency, Low Maintenance

Service Life: ≥5Y

Material: EPDM/PTFE

At SSI, we believe in providing top-quality customized services for our Aeration Discs. Our Aeration Cleaning Machine ensures that our products are manufactured to the highest standards, guaranteeing superior performance and durability.

Our Air Blowing Diffusers are available in sizes of 7, 9, and 12 inches, providing you with options to suit your specific needs. Our Aeration Discs are made of high-quality EPDM/PTFE material, ensuring longevity and reliability.

We take pride in our Aeration Discs' High Oxygen Transfer Efficiency, ensuring maximum aeration and oxygenation of your water system. Our products also require Low Maintenance, saving you time and money in the long run.

With a Service Life of ≥5 years, our Aeration Discs are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and continue to perform at their best. Trust SSI for all your aeration needs and experience the difference in quality and service.


Packing and Shipping:

SSI Aeration Diffusers - Packaging and Shipping

Our SSI Aeration Diffusers are carefully packaged and shipped to ensure safe delivery to our customers.

  • Each diffuser is individually wrapped and sealed in a plastic bag to protect it from dust and moisture.
  • Multiple diffusers are then placed in an inner box with cushioning material to prevent any damage during transportation.
  • The inner box is then placed in a sturdy outer box with additional cushioning material for added protection.
  • The outer box is sealed and labeled with product information and handling instructions.

We offer various shipping options to meet our customers' needs:

  • Standard shipping: Delivery within 5-7 business days.
  • Expedited shipping: Delivery within 2-3 business days.
  • International shipping: Delivery time varies depending on the destination.

We work with trusted shipping carriers to ensure timely and secure delivery of our products.

For bulk orders, we offer customized shipping solutions to meet specific requirements.

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