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2mm Membrane Thickness Diffuser Tube for and Drag Loss pa 1285-4100

2mm Membrane Thickness Diffuser Tube for and Drag Loss pa 1285-4100

2mm Diffuser Tube

2mm Thickness Diffuser Tube

Drag Loss pa 1285-4100 Diffuser Tube

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Product Description

Product Description:

Tube Type Diffuser - Air Diffuser Tube for Efficient Aeration

The Tube Type Diffuser is a revolutionary aeration system designed to provide efficient and effective aeration for various industrial and municipal applications. It is known for its high-performance and durability, making it the top choice for numerous industries.

Product Overview

The Tube Type Diffuser, also known as Tube Aeration Diffuser or Tube Diffuser System, is designed with a unique tubular shape that maximizes the active surface area for aeration. It is available in two sizes: 0.15m² and 0.22m², providing flexibility for different aeration needs.

Key Features
  • Active Surface Area: 0.15m²/0.22m²
  • Drag Loss: 1285~4100 pa
  • Material: EPDM/PTFE
  • Membrane Thickness: 2mm
  • Bubble Size: 1~2mm
Active Surface Area

The Tube Type Diffuser is designed with a large active surface area to optimize the aeration process. With an active surface area of 0.15m² or 0.22m², it provides efficient oxygen transfer and circulation for effective treatment of wastewater.

Drag Loss

The Tube Type Diffuser is engineered to have a low drag loss, ranging from 1285 to 4100 pa. This ensures minimal energy consumption and cost-effectiveness for the aeration process.


The Tube Type Diffuser is available in two materials: EPDM and PTFE. These materials are known for their high resistance to chemicals, UV rays, and extreme temperatures, making the diffuser durable and long-lasting.

Membrane Thickness

With a membrane thickness of 2mm, the Tube Type Diffuser is designed to withstand high pressure and provide consistent and efficient aeration performance.

Bubble Size

The Tube Type Diffuser produces fine bubbles with a size range of 1 to 2mm, ensuring high oxygen transfer efficiency and uniform aeration throughout the water body.


The Tube Type Diffuser is an innovative and reliable aeration solution that offers high-performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Its unique tubular design, large active surface area, low drag loss, and quality materials make it the top choice for various industries seeking efficient and effective aeration.

2mm Membrane Thickness Diffuser Tube for and Drag Loss pa 1285-4100 0


  • Product Name: Tube Type Diffuser
  • Active Surface Area(㎡): 0.15/0.22
  • Hole Size(mm): 1/2
  • Bubble Size(mm): 1~2
  • Material: EPDM/PTFE
  • Drag Loss(pa): 1285~4100

Technical Parameters:

Product Name Tube Type Diffuser
Product Type Air Diffuser Tube
Product System Diffuser Tube System
Drag Loss(pa) 1285~4100
Bubble Size(mm) 1~2
Active Surface Area(㎡) 0.15/0.22
Material EPDM/PTFE
Membrane Thickness(mm) 2
Hole Size(mm) 1/2


Tube Type Diffuser - DUBHE

Aeration Diffuser, Aeration Diffuser, Air Diffuser Tube, Fine Bubble Diffuser

Product Description:

The Tube Type Diffuser, also known as Aeration Diffuser, is a high-quality product offered by DUBHE, a well-known brand in the field of water treatment. This diffuser is designed to provide efficient aeration for various applications, making it a popular choice among customers.

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Product Features:
  • Hole Size(mm): 1/2
  • Drag Loss(pa): 1285~4100
  • Bubble Size(mm): 1~2
  • Material: EPDM/PTFE
  • Membrane Thickness(mm): 2

The Tube Type Diffuser is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Aquaculture
  • Fish farms
  • Water gardens
  • Recreational ponds
  • And more
Product Benefits:
  • Efficient aeration: The fine bubble diffuser design ensures efficient transfer of oxygen into the water, providing better aeration for the treatment process.
  • Durable material: The diffuser is made of high-quality EPDM or PTFE material, which is resistant to corrosion and has a long lifespan.
  • Easy installation: The tube type design allows for easy installation and replacement, saving time and effort.
  • Cost-effective: The aeration diffuser helps reduce energy costs by providing efficient aeration, making it a cost-effective solution for water treatment.
Product Usage:

The Tube Type Diffuser is typically used in combination with a blower, compressor or pump to provide a continuous supply of air into the water. It can be installed in various ways, such as:

  • Bottom mounted: The diffuser is installed at the bottom of the tank or pond, providing aeration to the entire water body.
  • Side mounted: The diffuser is installed on the side of the tank or pond, providing aeration to a specific area.
  • Floating: The diffuser is attached to a floating platform, allowing it to move with the water and provide aeration to the entire water body.

Overall, the Tube Type Diffuser offers a reliable and efficient solution for aeration needs in various water treatment applications. With its high-quality materials and easy installation process, it is a top choice for customers looking to improve the aeration process and achieve better results.



Customized Service for DUBHE AFT Tube Type Diffuser

Thank you for choosing DUBHE as your aeration diffuser supplier. We are committed to providing you with high-quality products and customized services to meet your specific needs. Our AFT Tube Type Diffuser is designed to deliver optimal aeration performance and efficiency. Please see below for more information about our customized service.

Brand Name: DUBHE

DUBHE is a well-known brand in the aeration industry, known for its high-quality products and excellent customer service. With years of experience and advanced technology, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best solutions for their aeration needs.

Model Number: AFT

The AFT Tube Type Diffuser is one of our most popular products, designed to deliver outstanding aeration performance. Its unique design and construction ensure efficient and consistent oxygen transfer, making it the preferred choice for many customers.

Place of Origin: Korea

All DUBHE products are made in Korea, known for its advanced technology and high-quality manufacturing processes. We take pride in delivering products that are made with the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Hole Size(mm): 1/2

The AFT Tube Type Diffuser features a hole size of 1/2 mm, carefully selected to achieve optimal oxygen transfer efficiency. This size is ideal for creating fine bubbles, which are essential for effective aeration.

Membrane Thickness(mm): 2

The membrane thickness of our AFT Tube Type Diffuser is 2 mm, providing excellent durability and long-lasting performance. This ensures that our diffusers can withstand harsh environments and continue to deliver efficient aeration over time.

Material: EPDM/PTFE

Our AFT Tube Type Diffuser is made from high-quality EPDM and PTFE materials, known for their excellent resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures. This ensures that our diffusers can withstand harsh conditions and maintain their performance for a long time.

Drag Loss(pa): 1285~4100

The AFT Tube Type Diffuser is designed to have low drag loss, which means it requires less energy to operate and can save you money on energy costs. The drag loss ranges from 1285 to 4100 pa, depending on the specific size and configuration of the diffuser.

Bubble Size(mm): 1~2

The AFT Tube Type Diffuser produces fine bubbles that are 1 to 2 mm in size. These bubbles have a large surface area, allowing for efficient oxygen transfer and mixing in the water. This results in better water quality and improved aeration performance.

Customized Service

At DUBHE, we understand that every customer has unique needs and requirements. That's why we offer customized services to tailor our AFT Tube Type Diffuser to your specific needs. Our team of experts will work closely with you to design and manufacture a diffuser that meets your exact specifications.

Our customized service includes:

  • Custom hole size and arrangement
  • Custom membrane thickness
  • Custom material options
  • Custom drag loss range
  • Custom bubble size

With our customized service, you can be sure that you are getting a diffuser that is specifically designed for your aeration system, maximizing its efficiency and performance.

Contact us today to learn more about our customized service and how we can help you with your aeration needs.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping

Thank you for choosing the Tube Type Diffuser! To ensure safe delivery and protect your product during shipping, we have carefully packaged it using the following methods:

  • Each diffuser is individually wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent any damage during transit.
  • The wrapped diffusers are then placed in a sturdy cardboard box, with additional protective foam inserts to further secure them.
  • The box is sealed with strong packing tape to prevent any accidental opening during shipping.
  • A shipping label with your address and our return address is placed on the box for easy identification.

We take great care in packaging our products, but in the rare case that your diffuser arrives damaged, please contact our customer service team immediately for assistance.

Thank you again for choosing our Tube Type Diffuser. We hope you enjoy using it and have a wonderful day!

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