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Optimal Stainless Steel Chamber Filter Press Hydraulic Compress Center Slurry Inlet Type

Optimal Stainless Steel Chamber Filter Press Hydraulic Compress Center Slurry Inlet Type

Slurry Inlet Type Chamber Filter Press

Slurry Inlet Type Chamber Filter Press

Hydraulic Compress Chamber Filter Press

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Product Details
Filter Plate Type:
Recessed Chamber, Plate And Frame, Membrane
Filter Plate Material:
Polypropylene, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
Plate Type:
Chamber Plate
Press Type:
Hydraulic Compress
Slurry Inlet Type:
Center, Corner
Stainless Steel
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Product Description

Product Description:

The plates and frames are arranged one after another, and the two sides of the plates are covered with filter cloth, and the plates and frames are pressed together with a pressing device, i.e. the plates and frames form a filter press chamber. There is a small hole in the middle of the upper part of the plate and frame, which becomes a channel after pressing, and the sludge pressurised to 0.2~0.4MPa enters into the chamber through this channel, and there are grooves engraved on the surface of the filter plate, and there is an aperture drilled at the lower end for the filtrate to be discharged, and the filtrate, under pressure, passes through the cloth, and is discharged out of the filtering machine through the grooves and apertures, so as to make the sludge dewatered. Automated plate and frame filter presses have been developed at home and abroad. Plate and frame filter press can withstand higher sludge specific resistance than vacuum filter, so that the consumption of conditioning agent can be reduced, and cheaper agents (e.g. FeSO4-7H2O) can be used. When the sludge specific resistance is 5×1011~8×1012m/kg, it can be filtered directly without pre-conditioning. The sludge cake yield and sludge cake water content of the plate and frame filter press should be determined according to the test data or similar operating experience. The water content of mud cake can generally be 75%~80%.

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Optimal Stainless Steel Chamber Filter Press Hydraulic Compress Center Slurry Inlet Type 0


  • Product Name: Chamber Filter Press
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Filter Plate Material: Polypropylene, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
  • Slurry Inlet Type: Center, Corner
  • Press Type: Hydraulic Compress
  • Filter Plate Type: Recessed Chamber, Plate And Frame, Membrane
  • Hydraulic Filter Press: Yes
  • Industrial Filter Press: Yes

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Plate Type Chamber Plate
Filter Plate Material Polypropylene, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
Filter Plate Type Recessed Chamber, Plate And Frame, Membrane
Slurry Inlet Type Center, Corner
Material Stainless Steel
Press Type Hydraulic Compress
Other Keywords Automatic Filter Press, Diaphragm Filter Press


The DUBHE Chamber Filter Press, with its robust construction and innovative design, is a versatile solution for a broad range of industrial filtration applications. Manufactured in China and marked by its Model Number DUBHE, this equipment is a testament to high-quality engineering and effectiveness in separating solids from liquids in various slurries. The Filter Plate Material options, including Polypropylene, Cast Iron, and Stainless Steel, ensure compatibility with a multitude of process requirements, enhancing the filter press's applicability across different industries.

Designed for scenarios that demand both reliability and efficiency, the DUBHE Chamber Filter Press incorporates a Slurry Inlet Type that can be either Center or Corner, facilitating the adaption to different system layouts. This feature, along with a Hydraulic Compress Press Type, positions the DUBHE model as a go-to solution for applications requiring a high degree of automation and control, typical of an Automatic Filter Press. The hydraulic mechanism allows for consistent pressure application and solid-liquid separation, leading to optimized filtration cycles and reduced downtime.

The robust Material construction in Stainless Steel of the DUBHE Filter Press ensures durability and resistance to corrosive environments, making it suitable for industries such as chemical processing, mining, food and beverage, and wastewater treatment. The Filter Plate Type options, which include Recessed Chamber, Plate And Frame, and Membrane, provide flexibility to adapt to specific process conditions. This adaptability is crucial in applications where the nature of the slurry or the desired dryness of the cake varies significantly.

Use cases of the DUBHE Chamber Plate Filter Press extend to processes such as metal finishing and plating, where removal of fine particulates is critical. It also shines in the municipal sector for sludge dewatering in wastewater treatment plants. The membrane plate option, in particular, is ideal for scenarios requiring low moisture content in the filter cake, which is essential for minimizing disposal costs. Moreover, with the rise of environmental standards and the need for cleaner production processes, the DUBHE Hydraulic Filter Press provides an eco-friendly solution that aids companies in complying with regulations while maintaining high throughput.

The automatic features of the DUBHE Filter Press, reflecting the capabilities of an Automatic Filter Press, are especially beneficial in continuous operation facilities where manual intervention needs to be minimized. Automatic plate shifting, pressure maintenance, and safety interlocks ensure that the system operates smoothly without constant supervision, which is critical in high-volume production environments. Overall, the DUBHE model offers an exceptional balance of performance, automation, and versatility, making it a valuable asset for any operation looking to enhance its filtration process.



Brand Name: DUBHE

Model Number: DUBHE

Place of Origin: China

Filter Plate Material: Available in Polypropylene, Cast Iron, and Stainless Steel for diverse application needs.

Filter Plate Type: Choose from Recessed Chamber, Plate And Frame, or Membrane for your specific filtration requirements.

Material: The main construction of the filter press is crafted from durable Stainless Steel, ensuring longevity and reliability in operation.

Press Type: Equipped with state-of-the-art Hydraulic Compress technology for efficient and Automatic Filter Press operations.

Slurry Inlet Type: Customizable Slurry Inlet Type options including Center and Corner feed to meet different industrial requirements.

Explore our DUBHE brand Chamber Filter Press, a superior Sludge Dewatering Press designed for high performance in liquid-solid separation processes. The DUBHE model is an Automatic Filter Press that embodies cutting-edge filtration technology with customizable features to enhance process efficiency. Whether you require a Chamber Plate Filter Press or other configurations, our product is versatile to cater to a wide range of dewatering applications.


Support and Services:

The Chamber Filter Press is a robust piece of equipment designed for solid-liquid separation processes, particularly in the context of sludge dewatering and filtration in various industries. Our Product Technical Support and Services are dedicated to ensuring that your Chamber Filter Press operates efficiently and reliably. Our support includes:

Installation Guidance: Detailed instructions and support for the correct installation of your Chamber Filter Press to ensure optimal performance.

Operational Training: Comprehensive training modules for your operators to get acquainted with the functions and maintenance procedures of the press.

Maintenance Support: Recommendations for preventive maintenance schedules to prolong the life of your equipment and troubleshooting assistance for any operational challenges.

Parts and Service: Information on genuine replacement parts and service kits to keep your Chamber Filter Press running smoothly. We also offer repair services to address and resolve any equipment issues.

Technical Consultation: Access to our team of experts for technical advice and to answer any queries regarding the operations, optimization, and enhancement of your filter press system.

Upgrades and Retrofit: Guidance on upgrading your existing equipment with the latest technology to improve performance and efficiency.

Documentation: Provision of comprehensive manuals and documentation for your equipment, including technical specifications, operating procedures, and safety information.

Our goal is to ensure that you receive the support you need to maintain high operational standards and maximize the lifespan of your Chamber Filter Press. We are committed to providing quality support to keep your processes running efficiently.

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