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Stainless Steel Hydraulic Compress Chamber Filter Press Recessed Chamber Plate Center / Corner Inlet

Stainless Steel Hydraulic Compress Chamber Filter Press Recessed Chamber Plate Center / Corner Inlet

Chamber Filter Press

Stainless Steel Chamber Filter Press

Corner Inlet Chamber Filter Press

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Product Details
Press Type:
Hydraulic Compress
Filter Plate Material:
Polypropylene, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
Plate Type:
Chamber Plate
Stainless Steel
Slurry Inlet Type:
Center, Corner
Filter Plate Type:
Recessed Chamber, Plate And Frame, Membrane
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Product Description

Product Description:

The Chamber Filter Press, with its robust design and cutting-edge technology, represents a significant advancement in the field of solid-liquid separation. Designed to cater to a variety of industries, this automatic filter press embodies efficiency and reliability. The press type for this model is a Hydraulic Compress, which ensures that the filter plates are tightly sealed and pressed. This system is crucial for the effectiveness of the filter press, as it minimizes leakage and maximizes the quality of the filtrate.

Our Chamber Filter Press comes with a versatile range of filter plate types to suit different processing requirements. The Recessed Chamber is ideal for applications that demand excellent cake washability and easy cake discharge. The Plate and Frame type, on the other hand, is perfect for processes that require clear filtrate from thin cakes. Furthermore, the Membrane type is an excellent choice for those looking for reduced cake moisture content, as it allows for secondary compression of the filter cake.

The slurry inlet is a critical component of the filter press, and our models offer two distinct types: Center and Corner. The Center inlet type is typically used for uniform distribution of slurry, thereby ensuring even cake formation and optimal filtration. The Corner inlet, however, is preferred when the process involves higher feed pressures, allowing for better distribution of slurry into the plates and ensuring efficient operation even under demanding conditions.

Material construction is a crucial factor in the durability and longevity of the filter press. Our Chamber Filter Press is constructed with high-grade Stainless Steel, which is known for its corrosion resistance and strength. This material choice ensures that the press can withstand harsh industrial environments and the aggressive nature of various slurry materials. The incorporation of stainless steel components not only prolongs the lifespan of the filter press but also minimizes maintenance requirements.

With regard to the filter plate material, customers have the choice of Polypropylene, Cast Iron, or Stainless Steel. Polypropylene plates are lightweight, economical, and offer excellent chemical resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Cast Iron plates are exceptionally durable and are well-suited for high-temperature processes. Stainless Steel filter plates are the best option for the most demanding applications, providing unparalleled resistance to corrosion and high mechanical strength.

The automatic filter press feature of our Chamber Filter Press not only increases productivity but also enhances safety and reduces the need for operator intervention. The automation system includes features such as plate shifting, cloth washing, and drip tray operation, all of which contribute to a more efficient and less labor-intensive filtration process. This makes our filter press an ideal solution for various industrial applications, earning it the reputation of a reliable and high-performing industrial filter press.

In conclusion, the Chamber Filter Press with Hydraulic Compress is an exemplary piece of equipment well-suited for industries requiring solid-liquid separation. Its versatility in filter plate types, slurry inlet configurations, and material construction options make it a customizable and adaptable solution. By integrating automatic features, this filter press not only meets but exceeds the expectations for industrial filter press performance, providing a seamless and cost-effective solution to filtration needs.

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Filter presses separate suspended solids from liquids. What are the four main components of a filter press? 1. the frame 2. the filter plates 3. the manifold (pipes and valves) 4. the filter cloth (this is the key to optimising the operation of the filter press). Filter presses produce the driest cake and cleanest filtrate compared to other dewatering equipment for the corresponding application. The correct selection of filter cloths, plates, pumps and ancillary equipment/processes such as pre-coating, cake washing and cake squeezing is critical to the optimum operation of the dewatering system. Holley filter presses are classified as quick-opening filter presses, high-pressure filter presses, frame-type filter presses filter presses, and diaphragm filter presses The filter cloths used in the filter presses are also available in dozens of types of cloths such as polypropylene multi-filament cloths, polypropylene single multi-filament cloths, polypropylene monofilament cloths, fancy twill cloths, and other types of filter cloths.

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Stainless Steel Hydraulic Compress Chamber Filter Press Recessed Chamber Plate Center / Corner Inlet 1

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Description
Material Stainless Steel
Plate Type Chamber Plate
Slurry Inlet Type Center, Corner
Filter Plate Type Recessed Chamber, Plate And Frame, Membrane
Press Type Hydraulic Compress
Filter Plate Material Polypropylene, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
Keywords Diaphragm Filter Press, Chamber Plate Filter Press, Industrial Filter Press


The DUBHE Chamber Filter Press is an advanced filtration system that serves a variety of applications across numerous industries. With its robust construction and versatile design, this automatic filter press is manufactured in China and reflects the high-quality standards expected from a leading brand in the filtration sector.

Model Number DUBHE is engineered with a range of filter plate types, including Recessed Chamber, Plate and Frame, and Membrane options. The customers can choose the filter plate material that best suits their needs, with options available in Polypropylene, Cast Iron, and Stainless Steel. The material construction of the press itself is Stainless Steel, ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion.

The Chamber Plate Filter Press by DUBHE is particularly suitable for occasions where solid-liquid separation is essential. It is an automatic filter press that significantly reduces the need for manual operation, making it a cost-effective solution for industries looking to minimize labor costs and increase efficiency. Its automatic operations include plate shifting, cake discharge, and cloth washing, among others.

Designed with different slurry inlet types, the DUBHE filter press accommodates both Center and Corner feed options, providing flexibility to match specific process requirements. The Chamber Plate design is particularly effective for high-pressure filtration, which makes it an ideal choice for scenarios with heavy-duty sludge dewatering tasks.

Applications of the DUBHE Automatic Filter Press are extensive and include wastewater treatment, mining, chemical manufacturing, food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals, and much more. It is especially well-suited for industries that require a high level of purity in the filtration process or those that handle difficult-to-filter materials.

In the mining industry, for example, the DUBHE filter press can be used to dewater mineral concentrates and tailings, while in the food industry, it can be employed for the clarification of juices and the extraction of oils. Chemical plants often use the press for the separation of chemical sludges, and pharmaceutical companies for the filtration of intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The versatility and adaptability of the DUBHE Chamber Plate Filter Press make it a valuable asset in any setting where solid-liquid separation is a critical part of the operation. Its place of origin, China, ensures that it benefits from cutting-edge manufacturing processes, high-quality materials, and the expertise of one of the world's leading industrial nations.



Discover the customization options for the DUBHE Chamber Filter Press , an innovative solution for your filtration needs. As a leading Hydraulic Filter Press in the industry, the DUBHE brand offers a range of customizations to meet the specific requirements of your Industrial Filter Press applications.

The DUBHE model number signifies a high-quality product designed and manufactured with precision in China . Our customization services allow you to select from various filter plate types, including Recessed Chamber , Plate And Frame , and Membrane options, ensuring that you have the right configuration for your process.

Efficient slurry management is key to any filtration process, which is why we offer multiple Slurry Inlet Type customizations such as Center and Corner inlets, tailored to enhance the performance of your Automatic Filter Press .

The robustness and reliability of the DUBHE Chamber Filter Press are enhanced by its Hydraulic Compress press type, ensuring consistent pressure and superior filtration results. We understand that material compatibility is crucial, which is why we offer Stainless Steel construction for durability and longevity.

Depending on your application's demands, the filter plate material can be customized as well. Choose from durable Polypropylene , rugged Cast Iron , or premium Stainless Steel to ensure that your filter press operates at peak efficiency and withstands the rigors of your industrial processes.


Support and Services:

The Chamber Filter Press is designed to deliver high performance in solid-liquid separation processes for a variety of applications. Our technical support and services encompass a comprehensive range of solutions to ensure your filter press operates efficiently and effectively.

Upon purchase of the Chamber Filter Press, you will receive an initial setup and installation guidance from our expert technicians. Our team will help you integrate the filter press into your workflow and provide training to your staff on its operation and maintenance.

We offer troubleshooting support for any operational challenges you might encounter. Our dedicated support team is equipped with the knowledge to assist you with any technical issues, ensuring minimal downtime and maintaining productivity.

For routine maintenance and service, our technicians are available to perform the necessary tasks to keep your filter press in optimal condition. This includes replacement of filter cloths, checking of hydraulic systems, and other preventative maintenance services.

Additionally, we provide upgrade services for your Chamber Filter Press to enhance its performance as new technologies and improvements become available. Our team will work with you to determine the most effective upgrades for your specific needs.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that you have access to ongoing support and advice. We strive to provide services that not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring that your Chamber Filter Press remains a valuable asset to your operations.

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