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Biobarrier Membrane Bio Reactor MBR System

Biobarrier Membrane Bio Reactor MBR System

biobarrier membrane bioreactor

bioreactor membrane

biomembrane reactor

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Flat Membrane Bio-Reactor Products
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Membrane Bio-Reactor with Optimal Heat-resistance DEM150-140

Biobarrier Membrane Bio Reactor MBR System 0Introduction to Membrane Technology

MEMBRANE BIO-REACTOR is a new type of water treatment technology and process combining membrane separation unit and biological treatment unit.

This technology can not only maintain a high concentration of microorganisms in the biological reactor, improve the volumetric load of the treatment device and save floor space, but also can efficiently separate solids and liquids, replacing the traditional technology of sedimentation and filtration, and the system effluent is of good quality and can be directly reused as non-drinking municipal water.

Biobarrier Membrane Bio Reactor MBR System 0Material Advantage

Durability: The membrane material used in MBR systems is durable and resistant to fouling and chemical degradation. This allows for extended membrane life and reduced maintenance requirements.

Biobarrier Membrane Bio Reactor MBR System 2                 Biobarrier Membrane Bio Reactor MBR System 3                 Biobarrier Membrane Bio Reactor MBR System 4              Biobarrier Membrane Bio Reactor MBR System 5

Higher Heat-resistance              Ozone-depleted                        Antimicrobial                            Preservative

Biobarrier Membrane Bio Reactor MBR System 0Features

1. Space saving: Compared with the traditional model, it only occupies one-third of the original area.
2. Low energy consumption: lower wind pressure can be used for oxygenation, compared with other traditional treatment processes, the power consumption is greatly reduced.
3. Low maintenance cost: the automatic control can be started with one button to realize unattended operation, and remote monitoring can be realized through the mobile phone APP.
4. Long service life: no human daily maintenance is required, and the service life is more than 10 years.

Biobarrier Membrane Bio Reactor MBR System 0APPLICATION

Due to the presence of MBR greatly improving the solid-liquid separation ability of the system, microorganisms are completely retained in the bioreactor, eliminating the problem of sludge expansion in traditional activated sludge. As a highly efficient water treatment technology, membrane bioreactor has been widely used in all kinds of domestic sewage, municipal sewage, organic industrial wastewater treatment and water reuse banning fields, effectively improving the sludge age of activated sludge growth.

Biobarrier Membrane Bio Reactor MBR System 0COMPONENT

DEM series flat MBR membrane modules are composed of membrane element box and aeration box, in which the membrane element box is composed of membrane element, water-producing silicone hose, ABS water collection pipe, chute (fixed membrane element) and stainless steel bracket.

The aeration box is composed of UPVC main pipe, ABS aeration branch pipe, pipe flange and stainless steel bracket.

Biobarrier Membrane Bio Reactor MBR System 9



1. The membrane module is set in the membrane tank, and the treated water filtered by the membrane element is discharged through the hose and collecting pipe.

2. In order to prevent the pollution of the membrane element, the lower part of the membrane module is equipped with a perforated aeration pipe, which produces an aeration flow that can provide oxygen for the biological reaction of the aerobic tank and clean the surface of the membrane element at the same time.

3. SUS304 stainless steel is generally used as the material of membrane module support, if used for sewage containing high concentrations of chloride ions or other salts, please specify when ordering, so that the membrane module support can be made of the material suitable for it.

Biobarrier Membrane Bio Reactor MBR System 0MBR Process Flow

Sewage flows through the mechanical grating (grating gap less than 1mm) to capture large particles of suspended solids and impurities and then flows into the sewage regulating tank for water quality and water quantity adjustment, and then lifted by the lifting pump to the MBR biological reaction system. The whole biochemical treatment system consists of a pre-treatment tank and MBR reaction tank, according to the incoming water quality and effluent requirements, to determine whether the need for the pre-treatment tank. The pretreatment tank can adopt hydrolysis acidification, an anaerobic or aerobic process, or an anoxic denitrification tank. MBR reaction tank is equipped with a submerged flat membrane module, constituting MBR- aerobic operation mode.

MBR reaction pool effluent directly into the reuse pool, adding disinfectant or ultraviolet light disinfection, the effluent discharge or pumped into the water pipeline network through the reuse, but also for nanofiltration or reverse osmosis system for further treatment and reuse.

Biobarrier Membrane Bio Reactor MBR System 11

Biobarrier Membrane Bio Reactor MBR System 0Benefits of the MBR Module

1. Selectivity: Membrane processes can selectively separate desired components while leaving unwanted substances behind.

2. Energy Efficiency: Membrane processes generally require lower energy inputs compared to other separation techniques.

3. Environmental Sustainability: Membrane technology reduces the need for chemicals and produces less waste, making it environmentally friendly.

4. Compact and Modular Design: Membrane systems are typically compact and can be easily scaled up or down based on process requirements.

5. Continuous Operation: Membrane processes can be operated continuously, enabling consistent and uninterrupted separation.

6. Cost-Effectiveness: Membrane technology often provides cost savings due to its efficiency, reduced chemical usage, and simplified process flow.

Biobarrier Membrane Bio Reactor MBR System 0Technical Data & External Dimensions

Biobarrier Membrane Bio Reactor MBR System 14

Biobarrier Membrane Bio Reactor MBR System 15

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